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Record Low Ratings For Coverage of the ‘Genocide Games’ Make NBC Look Like the Failing CNN

It seems that the Beijing Winter Olympics are having a CNN moment as the prime time coverage on Thursday averaged 7.2 million viewers on NBC, which makes it the smallest prime time Olympic audience ever on the network, according to Sports Media Watch that says the previous low was about 8.5 million for the final evening of last year’s Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Back in the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, 16 million viewers watched the opening night coverage. Thursday’s viewership constitutes a 55% drop of only four years ago, or 64% from the 2014 Summer Games in Nanjing, China.

Well, that’s still not as bad as CNN losing nearly 90% of its viewing audience in only a year’s time, but it is still a train wreck for NBC, who also suffered low ratings last year at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Those Olympics went woke and turned a lot of viewers off after having to listen to the arrogant leftist wokety woke woke politics and propaganda mostly spewed by snot-nosed spoiled athletes who didn’t win any medals.

The media will report some bogus reason for NBC’s lowest ratings of what has been termed the “Genocide Games” in Beijing, like the way they did when they lied their way into saying the wokeness of the Tokyo Games were not the reason for low viewership, but blaming the COVID virus for causing a lack of interest, which was nonsense because the COVID lockdowns gave NBC a built-in captured audience.

Leftist executives in corporate media still don’t get it. Americans watch sports to get away from leftist politics being shoved down their throats. They get enough of that from nearly every institution in America, and so when you add wokeness to sports, the ratings collapse every time. Go woke, go broke is the message that leftists still refuse to acknowledge.

It begs the question of how the woke media executives are going to gaslight us for why this year’s Olympics are a ratings bomb. They’ll probably blame it on white supremacy or some other nonsense that nobody will believe.

Do I think there are hard feelings for a lot of Americans against China? Yer darn tootin’ I do because they believe that the Chinese government killed nearly a million Americans and wrecked our economy by releasing a virus from a lab. I can’t believe China actually got this Olympics after what they did to the world. Add to that the fact that most Americans believe our president is in the back pocket of the Communist Chinese government because of the shady business dealings his son Hunter Biden was involved in with the Chinese, that Joe Biden allegedly profited from.

Add to that the fact that our president has the lowest approval ratings of any president at this point in his presidency and also seems to have ties to the Chinese government through his son Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings and Americans are just turned off to the whole thing.

China has corrupted our politics, our sports, and our media with bribes and payoffs. They used forced transfer technology against our corporations by creating markets around the world and then telling American companies that if they want to participate in their markets; they have to give up all of their proprietary secrets in technology or else.

Here’s how corrupt our elitist ruling class has become. We used to go after countries that treated people poorly, like South Africa’s apartheid and the Nazi death camps. China has been committing genocide of the Turkish Muslim Uyghurs who are kept in what can only be described as concentration camps. In 2014, the Chinese government launched an official anti-terrorism drive that led to widespread arbitrary arrests and detentions of Uyghurs.

For a long time, the Chinese government has justified its persecution of the Uyghurs, a minority Turkish Muslim population of about 11 million who live in Western China, by claiming they are fighting Islamic extremism. Doesn’t that sound a lot like what our Democratic Party is now doing to Trump supporters in how they are mistreating the January 6 defendants by referring to them as insurrectionists, white supremacists and other vile lies? Tyrants everywhere act alike in many cases.



  1. Mike Rice

    February 7, 2022 at 1:32 am

    Well written article. To the point

  2. Sandra Ressel

    February 7, 2022 at 11:29 am

    No way I’m watching this year! China gets to poison the world and make billions off the Olympics and our dirty crime family lays in bed with our enemies. And, the greedy oligarchs just smile.🔥

  3. Cormac

    February 8, 2022 at 8:23 am

    “Leftist executives in corporate media still don’t get it.”
    No, actually it’s you that doesn’t get it. Because you still think they care about ratings. You think they’re in this to be successful. They are not.
    Leftists in corporate media are fully aware that they are driving their company’s finances into the ground. They don’t care.
    They know they are sending away customers and ruining their companies image. They don’t care.
    Unlike the right, the left is all-in on their mission and they are more than willing to make huge sacrifices to triumph in the end. Meanwhile the right can’t even bring themselves to face the reality that their opponents are in this to win it. They would rather just make themselves feel better by fantasizing that the left is just stupid.
    There is a lot of true and important information in this article. Americans now see that China is taking over our country. But it’s all for nothing, because the left just keeps winning at everything. Because the right just doesn’t have the guts to even admit that their enemies aren’t just blundering buffoons.

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