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Rashida Tlaib Claims Her Bill to End Federal Prisons Would Not ‘Just Release Everybody.’ Axios fact-checks her to her face, Points Out Her Bill Will Do Just That

Is Rashida Tlaib seriously disturbed or what? Appearing on HBO with  Jonathan Swan on the program Axios on HBO, they discussed the BREATHE Act, which would empty all federal prisons within ten years. The bill, which was written by the  Movement for Black Lives is a far-reaching left-wing bill that would defund federal law enforcement and the prison system.

It would also abolish life sentences, abolish mandatory minimum sentencing laws, abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement, cut the Department of Defense budget, and repeal the bipartisan 1994 crime bill. That is insane. The bill would free murderers, rapists, child molesters, and every type of criminal you can name. But Tlaib insists it would not and Swan corrected her and said that was exactly what the bill would do. Tlaib then went off on a rant asking about the mentally ill who should not be in prison but somewhere that they could get help.

Swan asked:

“The BREATHE Act proposes emptying federal detention facilities within 10 years. To what extent have you wrestled with any potential downsides of releasing into society every single person who’s currently in a federal prison?”

Once again Tlaib claimed that was not what she was saying, but that is precisely what the bill says. All prisoners are to be released inside of ten years. But after Swan points out that the bill says everyone is to be released, Tlaib went off on the mentally ill once again. I don’t think the mentally ill in prison is as big a problem as the mentally ill people in Congress. This bill is pure insanity.

The Breath Act eliminates immigration crimes altogether. Immigration was something the founders put under the authority of the federal government. The states could not write their own laws. It would be unconstitutional. And what about cutting the Defense Budget? What does that have to do with federal prisons? That is money spent to protect us from other countries.

Let’s be honest. The Breath Act accomplices two things. It removes accountability for criminals and all monies saved will be used for the redistribution of wealth.

From The Blaze

Swan then pressed her on the fact that the bill she endorsed says everyone gets released, including human traffickers and child sex predators, not just mentally ill people.

“Oh, I know,” Tlaib said while denying that she supports the blanket release of people from federal prison.

“What I’m saying is look at who’s in prison right now. No, look at the folks that are mentally ill, that have substance abuse problems.”

“What I’m trying to understand, because it is such a sweeping concrete proposal, do you believe that there are still categories of people who should be behind bars?” Swan asked.

“There are absolutely folks that — I don’t under— you know, I don’t know,” Tlaib responded. “Because right now, the way the prison system was supposed to be like rehabilitary [sic], you know, it’s supposed to be rehabilitation, right? … I don’t think there’s any rehabilitation happening right now.”

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