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Raphael Warnock (D-GA) Supported Ending Cash Bail Long Before DNC Adopted It As Policy in 2020

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Raphael Warnock, the Democratic candidate for US Senate in Georgia has for a long time railed against cash bail, which has been used since bail began to ensure that defendants released will show up for their hearing, as most of the time a family member or friend puts the money up, and the relationship between that person and the accused is usually enough.  It’s such a radical idea that the Democratic Party didn’t include it in their platform until this year.

Opposing cash bail has become a mainstream idea in the Democratic Party, even Joe Biden supported it during the campaign, at least in those few moments when he popped his head out of his basement.  I believe it’s a racial thing for Democrats.  They play identity politics every chance they get, and I for one believe they think black people and the new term “people of color” (POC) get a raw deal when they have to put up cash bail amounts that they or their loved ones cannot afford.  Therefore, Democrats believe cash bail is racist, because these days for leftist Democrats, anything that they don’t like is racist.

The 2020 Democratic Platform says about cash bail, “poverty is not a crime, and it should not be treated as one.”

Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but it’s one of those leftist phrases that has a lot of appeal.  Of course, cash bail is not intended to be harder on people in poverty (which they really mean black and POC).  It’s cash bail.  It’s set for everyone.  Perhaps instead of railing against the system of cash bail, they should argue against committing crimes that require cash bail if you’re a person without the means to put up bail.

Warnock used similar rhetoric back in 2018 in support of an ordinance passed in Atlanta that allowed people who were arrested for minor crimes to be let out of jail without having to pay any cash bail.

“A letter went out to the council members from an attorney representing the bondsman association reminding them that this system is as old as the country, as if that supports the rightness of the situation,” Warnock said to the Atlanta City Council when it was taking up the bail reform ordinance. “Slavery is as old as this country, and it is as wrong as it is old. And so I stand to say that I support this new ordinance. We ought to end money bail. We ought to end wealth-based detention.”

Slavery?  Seriously?  This clown is calling cash bail slavery?  So, when white people can’t afford cash bail either, is this race-bating jackass saying that they are salves as well?  Good God, this man has no sense of decency.  To cheapen the horrors of slavery to radicalize our justice system is beyond the pale.

Warnock continued, “I’m hearing a lot of arguments today that are the opposite of what our Constitution represents. In the United States of America, at least on paper, you are innocent until proven guilty… The ability to pay your bond may only mean that you have a thriving drug business… We ought to stop separating people from their families just because they’re poor.”

This is outrageous.  Warnock believes the justice system is separating families when a family member commits a crime.  Who thinks like this?  Certainly no other pastor I know of, outside of the blatant racist and America hater Jeremiah Wright.

Don’t forget that Kamala Harris and other Democrats donated large sums of money to Black Lives Matter bail funds to allow rioters to get out of jail the same day so that they could go back on the streets and riot some more.  There were other people of human debris who supported the cash bail funds for rioters including celebrities like Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon, and Seth Rogen.  Of course, they say they were bailing out protesters who were arrested, but in the overwhelming cases protesters were not arrested, rioters and looters were.

Warnock continued to defend the policy months after it was passed even when the public started having regrets when it was reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a 100% spike in criminals not appearing for their court dates became the norm.  That’s the entire purpose of cash bail.

He argued to keep the ordinance: “Atlanta likes to tell a certain story about itself. Truth is, we don’t always live up to that story,” Warnock said in 2018. “We’ve made poverty a crime. We ought to call cash bail what [it] is: Wealth-based detention. Atlanta ought to be leading the way. Leave the ordinance in place.”

“People facing nonviolent misdemeanor charges who have not been convicted of a crime should not remain in jail simply because they can’t afford bail,” Warnock spokesperson Terrance Clark said in a statement. “Reverend Warnock has worked with the faith communities in Georgia on reforming that system and in the Senate, Reverend Warnock will continue to pursue policies that strengthen Georgia communities through criminal justice reform, including cash bail reform.”

Folks, Raphael Warnock is trying to win one of the runoff elections for US Senate in Georgia.  State law requires that only people who voted in the original election may vote in a runoff election, yet the lunatic Stacey Abrams has been bragging that she has 750,000 never voter registrations for people to vote in the runoff elections.  She is also asking people to move to Georgia, even temporarily, to register to vote for the runoff elections.  In other words, the crazy moonbat who still thinks she’s the governor of Georgia, who has yet to concede the race since 2018, is actively asking Democrats to break the law.

In other words, the Democrats plan to cheat to get those two Senate seats the same way it is being alleged that they cheated to win the presidential election, and it would be a crime if they got away with it both figuratively and literally.  Warnock is a dangerous kook, who like the Soros-backed district attorneys around the country, seeks to upend our justice system, and that affects everyone.  Donate as much as you can to the Republicans to help them keep control of the Senate.  Our very republic depends on it, and that’s not being hyperbolic.

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