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Raffensperger’s Own Team Was Saying “Bad, Bad Things” Were Happening in Fulton County Elections

Back in January of this year, Brad Raffensperger told 60 Minutes that Georgia  “Had safe, secure, and honest elections.” At the time I called BS but little did I know how right I was. But I thought Raffensperger was just naive but now I believe it was much more sinister than that. State-hired election workers were selected by far leftwingers, Gabe Sterling and Stacey Abrams. For some strange reason, Raffensperger bypassed the person Georgia hired to run their election. Maybe because he was a conservative.

There has been much conjecture that there was a lot of hanky panky that took place, especially in Fulton County. Through it all, Raffensperger continued to claim that it was the safest and most secure election in Georgia history, even though 1 out of every 4 absentee ballots does not have the state-required chain of custody documents. Then he claimed he had no idea that went on and vowed to investigate. Don’t bet the rent on it.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported today:

Georgia is headed for another audit of its presidential election results after a judge agreed to unseal more than 145,000 Fulton County absentee ballots Friday.

The details and timing of the audit must still be determined. But the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the county want to scan and examine the ballots to determine whether they are legitimate.

At a hearing Friday, Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero made clear the ballots must remain in the custody of Fulton election officials. That could prevent the kind of allegations of mishandling ballots and improper procedures that have dogged an audit of ballots in Arizona in recent weeks.

The latest Georgia audit cannot change the election results, which were certified months ago and have already been confirmed by multiple recounts. But the plaintiffs say an examination of ballots would get to the bottom of what they see as suspicious activity at State Farm Arena on election night and pave the way for more accurate elections in the future.

Earlier this week a Fulton County Georgia election official admitted that the chain of custody documents that are legally required per state law are missing from 24% of the ballots from the 2020 election.

Later this morning John Solomon told the War Room that Brad Raffensperger’s team was saying that “bad, bad things” were coming out of Fulton County.

Didn’t Brad Raffensperger continuously say it was a perfect election? Now we know for a fact that he knew there were all sorts of problems all along?

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