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Raffensperger Launches Intimidation Campaign Against Election Whistleblowers in Georgia

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger speaks during a news conference on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, in Atlanta. Georgia election officials have announced an audit of presidential election results that will trigger a full hand recount. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

SOS Brad Raffensperger, the biggest mistake voters in Georgia ever made, is trying a new tack in Georgia. Intimidating witnesses to fraud in Georgia before they find out just how corrupt he has been and they send him to the land of the orange jumpsuit.

Witnesses signed affidavits, swearing to what they saw under the penalty of perjury. Raffensperger has not done that himself and for good reason.

According to CD-Media, Raffensperger is sending investigator Paul Braun out to intimidate the witnesses from the polling places. But instead of investigating voter fraud, he is covering up crimes by attempting to get witnesses to recant their testimony.

He has been unsuccessful as the witnesses are standing firm in their testimony.

Raffensperger has already broken the law when he disobeyed a judge’s order to keep all mail-in ballots sealed. He sent people in to unseal a box to get at the ballots inside.

You have to wonder if they did so to swap out bad votes before an audit can be done.

From The Gateway Pundit

John Fredericks: Allegedly, they sent someone in against the judge’s order to unseal a batch of ballots that were in Suzi Voyle’s affidavits. To go check on them to see if what she was saying was accurate… This is a violation of the law. That’s got to be looked into. When did they go there? How many did they look at? What law did they break?… They called in Susie Voyles and tried to intimidate her. They tried repeatedly to get her to recant her statement. She said I can’t recant my statement, it’s a signed affidavit. If I recant my statement I break the law… What she said was true.

Via CD Media:

SOS Investigator Paul Braun has contacted virtually all the key affiants in the Fulton County ballot inspection case and attempted to interview them. However, they contend that he did not seem interested in finding potential fraud but was more interested in investigating them. Some examples follow.


Susan Voyles, a veteran poll manager, and auditor, swore she saw mail-in ballots that were not folded for mailing, were not marked with a writing instrument, were on questionable paper stock, and were voted the same way in all down-ballot races. She states that the number of these potentially counterfeit ballots could scale into the tens of thousands. She has explained repeatedly that she was contacted by Braun who asked her to come in for an interview in January. When she got there Braun tried to get information about specific suspect batches that were already named in her affidavit and he pressed her to change her story. Later the IG office falsely claimed that Voyles recanted her affidavit. That was a blatant lie as Voyles has consistently stated the same account of events for nearly eight months.

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