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Radicals and Moderates Sabotage the Democrats’ Plans

Watching the Democrats is better than watching the old Keystone Cops. There are a lot of similarities between the two. They both fight among themselves and have a tendency to fall off the wagon on a regular basis.

The Republicans really don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch. It has come to a battle between the radicals and the moderates. The radicals will not be happy unless they get everything they want and Joe Biden tied himself to the radicals and then conceded to the moderates.

It is quite possible that Biden’s Build Back Better bill has little chance of passing. The Squad opposes the concessions and they can scuttle the bill without help from anyone. But, if the $3.5 trillion bill goes to the Senate for a vote, the moderates will kill it. The bill is a disaster, but the fight is entertaining and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The moderates and some of the less radical are scared of a huge spending bill. With the midterm elections coming up next year, they are not anxious to have their names tied to it.

If the bill passes, so will the so-called infrastructure bill and if that happens, you will see hyperinflation and the midterms will be a tsunami. But, if the bills get killed, a lot of progressive voters might decide to stay home. That too could lead to a landslide.

Biden has such a slight margin in either house of Congress that there is absolutely no room for error.

Yet, he came out and tried to give the impression that a deal was right around the corner. Maybe it is, but he has forgotten where the corner is.

From PJ Media

We’re not supposed to say it anymore, but this is a classic Mexican Standoff, as neither side has an advantage and there’s no real hope for an overall victory. Biden apparently made a direct appeal to the radicals before he left for Europe, begging them to strengthen his hand and give him a victory on the infrastructure bill. That they refused is significant. The radicals have lost faith in Biden and don’t care if he sinks in the polls.

The radicals see what Biden is leaving on the cutting room floor with the BBB. They don’t want to give Biden a victory at their expense — a victory that would only benefit the moderates in their eyes. The moderates see the passage of BBB as a suicide pact no matter how much is excised from the final bill.

This is why there is still a strong chance that both bills end up in the congressional dustbin. Radicals would rather fall on their sword than accept a watered-down BBB bill, while moderates won’t budge on their demand that Congress vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill first in order to prevent radical defections from torpedoing the bill.

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