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Radical Villanova University Assistant Professor Pushes For Critical Race Theory Specifically Because of it’s Roots in Marxism [VIDEO]

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a racist system with Marxist ties and though many people have been trying to hide the correlations between the two, there is an assistant professor who freely admits that CRT is based on the teachings of the Father of Marxism, Karl Marx.

Glenn Bracey, an Assistant professor of sociology and criminology at Villanova University in Villanova, Pa, is a strong advocate for critical race theory because of its Marxist roots. Bracey, a Ph.D., made the admission during a Zoom discussion about critical race theory. The seminar was posted on Villanova’s official YouTube channel, which turned off comments on the video titled: “What is Critical Race Theory?” I wonder why they turned off comments? Could it be because Marxists realized a long time ago that the only way they can sell their ideology that goes against human nature is to silence any opposing voices? They’re part of the Woke Supremacy and one thing we have learned through history is that all socialist supremacies silenced opposing viewpoints. You can’t lose a debate when there’s no one to challenge you.

Bracey promoted CRT at the private Catholic university by comparing the deadly ideology to religion.

“Given the power frankly of the church to move politics, given its funding, given how so many people come to the academy first with the church as a large backdrop in their lives, it’s important that we as critical race theorists be able to speak to them on their terms,” Bracey said, according to the Post Millennial. “So I would say that we as critical race theorists should continue to be aggressive in promoting critical race theory, that we should say how it relates to spirituality and religion in particular.”

In other words, the faculty should lie to their students and people of faith.

Bracey goes on to admit that the racist [anti-racist] ideology of CRT is rooted in Marxism. I’m sorry, but I cannot call critical race theory anti-racist, because the whole thing is based on racism by the very definition of racism. CRT stereotypes an entire group of people based on the race they were born with. It says that white people are born racist and that our society, which they deem was been built by a white power structure, is racist. That’s racist by any standard.

“So the core question for critical race theory is one of releasing people, especially people of color, especially black people, from the oppressive systems that deny us access to our species being, including racism. It’s Marxism,” the assistant professor stated. Well, hallelujah, and pass the salt.

“Marxism is fundamentally a spiritual concern, and it’s the same spiritual concern that Evangelical Christians have, and that they believe that all people are made in the image of God, and they are endowed by their creator with special abilities, creativity, individuality that needs to be manifested in the world,” he said. That’s not what Marxism believes at all.

Marxism is a godless ideology that uses religion to suck religious people in and making them think they are doing virtuous deeds by advocating government force on people. Marxism is responsible for over 100 million people being murdered by their own governments in the 20th century. Marxism means destruction. Marxism is an evil ideology that makes slaves out of one group of people to serve another. “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs,” the saying goes. It means the government should steal from one person’s earnings and give it to someone else who didn’t earn it. And they want to blame racism for the theft. This is the new progressivism. They say that white people stole things from people of color, and if they didn’t, their ancestors stole from their ancestors and that now it is their job through government force to steal it back from white people and give it to them. The problem is none of that happened as a systemic system.

“So the church and critical race theory actually have the same purpose with respect to the Marxist origins, even though Evangelicals don’t seem to recognize that,” he added.

Again, exploit religious people by making them think they are doing God’s work when they advocate government taking earnings from one person and giving it to someone else. Abraham Lincoln once said, “You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it,” when describing slavery during the Lincoln-Douglass debates. Marxism is no different. It expects you to work to earn money to buy food and the government will step in and take money from you for the sole purpose of giving it away to someone else so that they can do whatever they want with it. It’s stealing food from the earner’s mouth and the mouths of their children and it’s evil.

“Evangelical Christians are very upset about critical race theory because it is self-consciously grounded in Marxism,” Bracey proclaimed. “Now, when Evangelical Christians hear critical race theory is grounded in Marxism, what they hear is, religion is opiate of the masses, that religion is a distraction from justice, that religion is nothing more than fictions that are—that make people deviate from reality.”

“Racism is the everyday operation of our American system,” Bracey declared. “Racism is permanent. Not because of objective reasoning … but because whites are fixated on blackness and anti-blackness, and they orient different other racial groups in the middle of white and black in order to protect their own superiority.”

This guy should never be in a classroom. He spreads poison. Racism is not an everyday operation of our American system. Though there are racists in our society just like every other society, our American system is not racist. In fact, I would argue that it’s the exact opposite of what these Marxist race merchants are peddling. In no other country have black people been able to excel as well as they can here in America. There are no laws in America that can stop black Americans from succeeding in America. The CRT folks can’t name one, and yet they go on to claim the entire American system is racist. Oh, they’ll name the areas where racist laws reside, but they will never give you an example because none exist. There are no laws that say white people only.

“In other words, racism is something that white people could decide to give up,” he continued. “They could change the social [relationships], they could change the way that they, their anti-blackness, but they won’t.”

First, they told us that racism is systemic, and that’s why white people can’t see it. Now they’re telling us that white people can decide to give up racism. Well, which is it? It can’t be both. And I for one am getting tired of being labeled a racist when I don’t live my life that way.

He even goes on to insinuate that the January 6 riot was treated differently because it was a bunch of white people, the insinuation being that if they were black, the response to it would have been different. That type of lie usually goes unchallenged because you can’t argue a negative. In other words, they want you to believe that had something that was done by white people been done by black people, the response would have been harsher on black people. The problem they have using this argument about January 6 is that we sat through an entire summer of Black Lives Matter (BLM) people tearing down businesses, murdering people, setting federal buildings on fire, taking over police stations and looting. White people participated in attacks, but the whole thing was organized and run by BLM. They even attacked the White House. None of that went on at the Capitol on January 6, but those people are being pursued by scores of FBI, while many of the criminals that participated in the nightly riots over the summer and across the country walked away Scott free yet a woman who was not a threat was shot and killed by a still unknown Capitol police officer.

It denies belief in a Benevolent Being that this man and others like him are allowed to push racist CRT and Marxism in schools across the country.


Here’s a concerned parent fighting back against Critical Race Theory at a school board meeting in Elk River, Minnesota. I couldn’t have said it any better.



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