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Racist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

On Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori “Crow” Lightfoot made a public declaration saying that racism is a “public health emergency,” claiming that systematic racism is a leading factor in life expectancy discrepancies across the city.

Well, medicus, cura te ipsum (physician, heal thyself).

Will anyone in the mainstream news media point out that Mayor Lightfoot recently created a policy that she will no longer accept interview requests from white reporters, only from black and people of color reporters? A federal judge recently ordered her to explain her racist policy toward white reporters. How can anyone take Lori “Crow” seriously on the issue of race when she has implemented racist policies? It’s a joke with a bad punchline.

With the Chicago Department of Public Health backing her, Lightfoot cited a 9.2-year life expectancy difference between Black and non-Black Chicagoans.

“At almost every single point in our city’s history, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color – especially those who are Black,” Lightfoot said in a statement. “Without formally acknowledging this detrimental impact, we will never be able to move forward as a city and fully provide our communities with the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives.”

Does she think that maybe all the gun violence in her city with black-on-black crime has something to do with the health and well-being of black Chicagoans? Each weekend Chicago has more gun shootings than many towns have in a year. Next, the mayor will claim that all the shootings that go on in the city are due to systemic racism or happen because of white supremacy.

Lightfoot said she’s “doubling down” on new and ongoing collaborations between city officials and community leaders to address racism in the Windy City.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Democrats all over the country are now using the excuse of systemic racism as a scapegoat for their own failures in leadership?

Lightfoot said the city will implement a “will to act” initiative that will concentrate on addressing the impacts of historical policies like Jim Crow restrictions, redlining, and “other forms of financial and housing segregation and discrimination.”

Ever since the 1964 Civil Rights Act became law, there are no longer any federal laws that discriminate against black people in America. Democrat-created Jim Crow laws were banned in all 50 states.

Chicago’s public health department said it is going to allocate nearly $10 million in coronavirus relief funds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to create six Healthy Chicago Equity Zones that will cover the entire city.

“The launch of the Healthy Chicago Equity Zones is an extension of the racial and health equity work implemented by community leaders, public health entities, city government, and health institutions,” said Ayesha Jaco, executive director of West Side United, a community-based initiative for Chicago’s western neighborhoods.

This week, the city health department released data that showed expanding life expectancy discrepancies between black residents, who on average live 71.4 years, and non-black residents who tend to live 80.6 years.

Is that discrepancy because of racism or is it because of lifestyle differences? Serious inquiry.

They point to five factors that contribute to the almost decade-long differences in life expectancy, citing homicide, chronic diseases, opioid overdose, infant mortality, and health concerns such as HIV, flu, and other infections – like the coronavirus.

I wish someone could explain to me how those things are caused by systemic racism, sans the Woke Supremacy gobbledygook.

If there is underlying systemic racism in Chicago isn’t that the cause of the city’s leadership? How many decades has the Democratic Party run the Windy City? There have been white and black mayors of Chicago but they were all Democrats. You have to go back to 1931 when the last mayor of Chicago was a Republican. City leadership is responsible for the city, therefore, the Democrats are to blame for Chicago’s problems.

On Thursday, health commissioner Allison Arwady said, “COVID-19 brought to the surface these inequities in our city and our society, but they’ve always been there, and they’ve always been a focus of the work we do at CDPH.”

The racist anti-white-journalists mayor took to social media calling the data a “stark reminder of the legacy of unacceptable inequities” that continue to affect Black Chicagoans.


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