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Racine, Wisconsin Democrats Found a New Way To Cheat With Mobile Voting Vans Paid For With Zuckerbucks

No GOP poll watchers or observers in the van. What could go wrong?

You have to be wary of the Democrats in elections. They’re very crafty. They will cheat any which way they can.

Video has surfaced from Racine, Wisconsin, where a mobile voting van was out driving around.

Wisconsin courts have recently banned ballot drop boxes, but mobile home voting machines are a-okay?


Most lazy people would think it’s a great idea because people can vote and they don’t have to go to the polls. The polls come to them. GREAT! But there’s just one problem. There are no Republican poll watchers and observers when the mobile voting van is doing its thing. The Democrats will find any way to cheat and this is yet another way.

How will they cheat? The Democrat operatives working in these mobile voting vans will cast phony ballots that will be counted. Democrats never met a Democrat vote they didn’t like, legal or otherwise.

Racine first started using mobile voting in June 2021.

Drop boxes were banned because of the same problem. Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 Mules showed how Democrat operatives were dropping off multiple ballots at drop boxes where each mule went to numerous drop boxes around the states they were working in and dropped off anywhere from three to five ballots at each one. That way, it would seem too suspicious is anyone was watching while they were committing the crime, but the numbers do add up.

It would be called ballot harvesting if the votes were from real people, but the majority of them are not. They are ballots cast from dead people, people who moved out of the state, or people who moved from one county to another county. The Democrats target people who will never know someone else voted for them. It’s evil genius!

How do they know who those people are? In 1993, the DC Democrats passed the national Voting Rights Act (NVRA), which among other things, forces all 50 secretaries of state to keep these kinds of people on their voter rolls for a certain number of years. The Republicans took over the Congress for the first time in 40 years in 1994. They were too busy trying to figure out how to be a majority party to analyze the NVRA law to figure out it was an election scam.

To keep the law, the Democrats will argue, for example, that someone who is listed as dead on the voter rolls may not be dead at all. It may be a mistake, so why shouldn’t they be allowed to vote? The answer to that is they can vote by provisional ballot until it’s straightened out. They use the voter rolls and match them up to Social Security to see if the person died. They also match the voter rolls up to the Post Office data (USPS) to see if the person moved out of the state or moved from one county to another. Then they take those lists of people and vote in their names. They have been doing this since 1993. And every time a state wants to clean up their voter rolls, the Democrats scream “voter suppression!”


Apparently, the “mobile voting precinct” was funded with zuckerbucks, costing over $222,000.

The vehicle purchase approval came in August 2020 for up to $250,000. Racine made the purchase using grant money it received from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) which is the nonprofit that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave a $300 million donation.

Are there any Republicans with a set of (rhymes with malls) in Wisconsin who will confront this? This is a Democrat vote creation machine, and the GOP is silent. They’re letting it happen. More elections will be stolen by this mobile voting van.

If you’re a Republican living in Wisconsin and you’re reading this, please call your representative and let them know they may lose their seat because the Democrats found a new way to cheat.

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