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Racine County Sheriff Refers Criminal Charges Against Five Top Wisconsin Elections Commissioners

It’s now official, the Racine County Sheriff has now referred 5 members of the WEWC (Wisconsin Election Commission. The WEC was not formed to write election laws, but rather to enforce the laws passed by the legislature.

But, in 2020 the commission flipped the script and allowed the Dem0ocrats to manufacture votes for themselves and to negate votes that made it through for a Republican. There are now videos from NJ where it would not let you vote for the Republican.


The Wisconsin Election Commission violated state law to benefit Democrats. I guess that law only applies to Republicans. They have called on Attorney General Josh Kaul to open a statewide investigation into the abuse in nursing homes by illegal ballot harvesters.

Wisconsin has a law against that and also a strict rule that only state-certified agents can go into nursing homes and help people who want to vote without campaigning for any particular candidate.

There is no doubt that the 5 members of the WEC violated the law, but getting them into court is a long shot at best because the current Attorney General Josh Kaul is a Democrat, and even though the law was irrefutably broken, I am skeptical that he will investigate, or if he does investigate, he might find a “technicality” in order to keep the five out of prison. If this does happen, who knows what the WEC will do next. They will feel bulletproof and anything goes.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Washington Examiner reported:

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling announced in a news release Wednesday that he had referred recommendations for criminal charges against five of the six members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) to Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson, a Republican.

Last week, Schmaling called a news conference to lay out allegations of election fraud against the commissioners but said he hadn’t sent the investigation to the DA and was instead calling for a statewide investigation into the matter from Attorney General Josh Kaul. After Kaul declined to open an investigation, Schmaling sent his recommendations, which include felony charges.

Schmaling and his investigator allege that when the WEC voted unanimously in Spring 2020 not to send special voting deputies (SVDs) into nursing home facilities because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’d broken the law. SVDs are pairs of people appointed by local election clerks to go to nursing homes to assist with voting. At the time of the unanimous vote, visitors weren’t being allowed into nursing homes to protect residents from the virus so the WEC voted to forgo the two visits SVDs are required to attempt to make to nursing homes and instead use the normal absentee ballot process.



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