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Qanon Shaman Guy Will Take a Plea Deal For Walking Into The Capitol on January 6

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

We all remember the “QAnon Shaman” guy who dressed up in a coyote’s skin with a horned helmet and carrying an American flag who went into the Capitol building on January 6. He’s now going to cut a deal with the FBI, according to his lawyer.

The Shaman’s name is Jacob Chansley of Phoenix. The 33-year-old will please guilty on Friday to some of the six charges thrown at him “but certainly not all” in a deal that seems to be about his psychological state, according to Al Watkins, his attorney.

“It has been a long road educating the court about mental health vulnerabilities,” Watkins said. “As a result of a lot of shifting dialog, we have been able to collaborate with the government.”

Watkins added, “They could not label all of those at the capitol as insurrectionists.”

In May, a judge ordered Chansley to undergo a psychological evaluation. He has said he thinks he’s “directly related to Jesus and Buddha,” according to Watkins. Oh boy.

Chansley was arrested three days after the January 6 riot on charges including civil disorder, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, obstruction of an official proceeding. He was facing up to 28 years in prison for walking into the building with a lot of other people were already there. I think he caught all the attention because he was dressed up like a superhero wannabe.

Watkins declined to give any other details of the plea agreement including if there is jail time and how much. The details of the agreement will be announced at a press conference after a court hearing Friday.

Chansley was photographed as one of the first to enter the Capitol and the floor of the Senate chamber carrying an American flag. He was wearing face paint designed like an American flag.

In the end, Chansley’s attorney said his client has “gone through a period of introspection” and now feels that he made himself open to the propaganda from the former president,” according to what he told The Daily Beast.

I don’t think what Trump said was propaganda, but the Qanon stuff was nothing but. A lot of people forget that Trump said he had no idea who the Qanon people were. OANN did a piece on Qanon and exposed it as a fraud scam that was run first by two guys and then later they handed it over to a group of people who used it to exploit Trump supporters.

Trump’s so-called propaganda was accurate as far as the evidence shows. One of the problems with what happened after the 2020 election was a lot of evidence and testimony from whistleblowers came forward in the multiple legislature hearings on election irregularities and the mainstream news media and social media puppets of the Democratic Party censored any talk of the very credible evidence. When censorship is used, then, of course, the subject seems like a conspiracy theory of propaganda because they won’t allow the evidence to be seen. But the fact remains that nothing Trump said about the 2020 election was propaganda.

I don’t blame the lawyer for taking that path because the Democrats have shown they have no problem ruining people’s lives by making them sit in solitary confinement for months on end over misdemeanor charges.

“He has come to grasp the fact that the former president really didn’t love him and that all the bulls–t about Trump’s army and all the social media-driven conspiracy theories led to a lot of the vulnerability,” Watkins said. Again, for clarity, none of that was provided by Donald Trump. It was all part of the Qanon hoax.

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