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Punish the Dissenters…The Left Tries Again to Crush the McCloskeys

You should be aware of the McCloskeys that the left tried to send to prison after BLM tore down the gate in their community and harassed those living there. They brought out their guns and defended themselves and their property. For that the Soros-backed and ethically handicapped Kim Gardner tried to lock them up until the judge threw her off the case when she used it to raise money.

Gardner is herself in a lot of trouble as they have documented over 120 violations in her prosecution of former Gov Eric Greitens. Ironically, both McCloskey and Greitens are running for the same Senate seat in Missouri this year. Her enemies seem to fall upward.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, both attorneys, saw the mob break down the gate, armed themselves to protect that which was theirs. Ever since then they have been public enemies 1 and 2. Both of them are lawyers.

Gardner and her crooked office were taken off the case when a judge ruled she’d fundraised on the prosecution, making it appear that she’d “initiated a criminal prosecution for political purposes,” which, of course, she did. She appealed and yet failed to convince two higher courts, including the state Supreme Court, that she didn’t have a political vendetta and that her motives were just and pure. Yet so tainted was Gardner’s office that a special prosecutor was named to cut her out of the picture entirely.

The Missouri Supreme Court this week planned to suspend their law licenses this week and take away their livelihood. They then thought better of it and merely placed their licenses on probation for one year. No doubt they remembered the blowback Gardner had gotten when she first tried to lynch the pair. They decided they did not want the heat.

From PJ Media

Only days before, those “peaceful” Summer of Love protesters killed retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn during rioting and looting. The McCloskeys were all-too-aware of this and mentioned it multiple times during the defense of their actions.

The McCloskeys may have saved their lives that night, but the Left’s woke mob plans to do everything it can to make the rest of their lives as miserable as possible.

Mark McCloskey is running for the U.S. Senate. That race will be one to watch.

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