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Psaki Issues Statement After ‘Stupid Son Of A B***h’ Remark About Fox News Reporter Peter Doocey

No matter what she says, Jen Psaki hates Fox News’ Peter Doocy. He is not part of the tame press that asks questions like “What is your favorite color?” Instead, he asks questions like “Now, that you have screwed everything up, how are you going to fix it?” That’s a no-no during the Biden administration. Irf they could get away with it, they would tar and feather him and run him out of Washington on a rail.

Recently, Psaki called Doocy an SOB right after Biden did when he was asked a tough question. Doocy knows that the emperor has no clothes. But, worse than that, he lets everyone know he has no clothes. I guess he didn’t get the same rulebook that the WaPo and the New York Times got about the requirement to plant wet kisses on Biden’s feet. That’s okay for the WaPo and the NYT because they no longer pretend to be journalists.

Let’s face it. Joe Biden is the worst president of all time and someone has to reveal that fact in the liberal world that is a mortal sin. If this administration would spend as much time serving the American people as they spend catering to China, Iran, and Russia, we’d be much better off. But, the truth is that they aren’t interested in the American people and that is why they are going to pay a heavy price in November.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki issued a statement on Friday after an inflammatory remark about Peter Doocy. That statement was made to absolve Psaki and does not include an apology of any kind. Speaking with the podcast “Pod Save America” this week said that anyone who asks questions like Doocy does would make anyone sound like a son of a b*#@h.

Psaki claims:

“Full video shows I also told a story about Peter’s grace last night and made very clear I was not being critical of him or any reporter at Fox, and instead was critical of the slant of some Fox topics. He is doing his job. I am doing mine. We debate. We disagree. I respect that.”

Here is the exchange between Psaki and the host:

HOST: Before we go, I have to ask you a question–

PSAKI: Okay.

HOST — ’cause we have to talk about Peter Doocy for one second.

PSAKI: Okay.

HOST: Is he a stupid son of a b**** or does he play a stupid son of a b**** on TV?

PSAKI: Okay, well, he works for a network–

HOST: Okay.

PSAKI: –that provides people with questions that, nothing personal to any individual including Peter Doocy, but might make anyone sound like a stupid son of a b****.

What if I were to say: Nothing personal but the way Psaki answers questions would make anyone look like a three-dollar hooker? Would that be okay and would people expect an apology from me?

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