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Protestors Topple Statues of Major Historical Figures Across the Country

Groups of radical protestors tore down several statues of major figures in American history on Thanksgiving.

In Washington, the Spokane Police Department reported that a statue of Abraham Lincoln had been torn down, while a statue of George Washington met a similar fate in Minneapolis. Protestors in the Midwestern hub of Chicago attempted to destroy a statue of William McKinley but ultimately were not able to achieve their goal.

Fox News reported that, “The words “land back” were painted in multiple cities, referring to the LANDBACK campaign. The indigenous movement aims to develop communities in a sustainable manner, defend American land and fight against White supremacy.” 

Tearing down statues is nothing new, America witnessed numerous acts of vandalism against hundreds of statues and historical landmarks over the summer after the death of George Floyd. However, these acts show that many Americans have a sinister plot to undo our nation’s history by erasing it from memory.

But what the protestors forget in their illogical and emotion-driven demonstrations is that while our forefathers made mistakes, they also left a rich legacy for their posterity.

The narrative that these people try to create is that America was founded with oppression, racism and tyranny at its core. They claim that our founding fathers were the catalysts for these ideas, and because of that their memory and legacy must be eliminated. They demand that their past behavior meet today’s standards of what they think is acceptable, and if it does not, they are deemed unworthy of honor.

They claim that their mistakes make them irredeemable people, and the country that they founded is not worth saving. However, every country has flawed founders and flawed ideals. So the idea that a country must be perfect to exist means that no country that has ever existed is worth upholding.

But America is worth fighting for and preserving. We are a country that strives to the best of our abilities to ensure that any individual who comes to our borders is guaranteed the right to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, out forefathers made extensive sacrifices to ensure that their vision of a free land became a reality.

Washington led a rag-tag force of farmers against the greatest military power in the world, and won after six grueling years. Lincoln saved the United States from falling apart after a bloody Civil War and abolished slavery. Countless other rich legacies left by men like these have shaped and built the greatest country in the world.

That seems like a memory worth preserving for generations to come. Hopefully, these protestors will see that one day and stop their petty vandalism.

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