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Protest Erupts in Oregon after Police Shoot Armed Man

BLM has written new rules when it comes to police brutality. It is no longer acceptable for police to defend themselves against anyone Black who attack them with a deadly weapon. The latest example occurred in Oregon after officers were charged by a man with a knife.

The police were called on the man, 26-year-old Muhsin Sharif after he violated a violated a protective order. When he saw the officers, he charged them with a knife. The police fired, hitting the man who is in serious condition in the hospital. When the police arrived, they found Sharif in an alley and he charged them, knife in hand.

That was all it took for BLM to hit the streets to protest police officers who defend their lives. They hit the streets of Eugene, Oregon., They will have the support of Kate Brown. Protesters blocked some main thoroughfares and undoubtedly called for the arrest of the officers who were attacked. This is why people have turned against BLM.

From Breitbart News

The protest comes days after Eugene police shot 26-year-old Muhsin Sharif who allegedly charged officers with a knife. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Monday morning after Sharif reportedly violated a protective order.

The caller told police Sharif fled the scene while being armed with a knife, KEZI ABC9 reported. Police arrived in the area and found the subject in an alley. Officials report the violation of a protective order mandates an arrest.

Sharif allegedly charged the officers while brandishing a knife. Officers shot the man, stopping the threat. Officers administered first aid until an ambulance arrived and transported the subject to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Black Lives Matter protesters took to the roadways of Eugene Friday night to protest police officers shooting an armed man following a domestic disturbance. Video tweeted by independent journalist Andy Ngo shows protesters blocking a major intersection in the city.

By all means, defund the police. Leave members of the Black community without protection from the lawless thugs. I just wish the Democrats would show as much compassion towards the victims of violence as they do the thugs who charge police with dangerous weapons.

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