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Prosecution Rested: Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein Exposed, No Other Names Given

Some people were hopeful that there would be some consequences for the elite- rich and famous who were connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s and their alleged child sex network, but as of Sunday, there has been no exposing of anyone other than Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

“Why wont she tell names and tell people what was going on?” Jack  said during his latest podcast on the Maxwell trial.

Posobiec has reminded people that many images of Epstein, and most likely who used his services, were not entered into evidence, therefore will not be made public.

“I think the most important thing people need to understand is that the prosecution is not doing a very good job. These millennial prosecutors seem to think that rumors and guilt by association are the same thing as evidence,” Posobeic told me.

Interesting… and the media coverage of the trial has been sparse, with a lot of professional misdirection on social media.

Maxwell, who is on trial in New York City, has some friends in high places:

The big news that came out last week was about Sarah Ransome as reported by Daily Mail, who claimed that Maxwell was the spider web around Jeffrey Epstein, who was a monster and that Maxwell had “looked the other way” when Ransome was raped by Epstein.

From the Daily Mail:

Jeffrey Epstein was the monster… but Ghislaine Maxwell spun the spider’s web around him’: Victim Sarah Ransome tells how she was repeatedly raped on ‘Paedo island’ and mentally tortured by his ‘evil’ right-hand woman

  • Sarah Ransome claimed she was repeatedly raped for 3 days by Jeffrey Epstein
  • She claimed she tried to escape ‘Paedo Island’, his private Caribbean hideaway
  • Sarah said when she tried to escape, she was taken back by Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Ms Maxwell is now on trial in facing six charges of sex abuse and sex trafficking

Just the day before the prosecution rested in a very short trial, a reporter for Human Events released a podcast special of updates of the case, including his prediction that the trial would be short.

The Human Events released a special trial summary, and focused on five areas:

Some Epstein Lolita Express photos were exposed.

A French Model recruiter and testimony that he was connected to Epstein. Posobiec talked about how international Epstein’s network was, and how he and Maxwell was seeking young children for sex.

Ghislain believed her father, Robert Maxwell, was murdered when he was found floating naked and dead, after a solo sailing trip. Posobiec said that Robert Maxwell was the one who enabled his daughter and gave Epstein access to people.

A new victim came forward, Annie Farmer. Posobiec unlike others did not testify anonymously.  “Epstein victim Annie Farmer tells jury that while she was undeage Ghislaine Maxwell instructed her to get undressed and massaged her private parts at New Mexico ranch,” Posobiec. 

Posobiec opened the show with audio from the deposition of Jeffrey Epstein, where he described his man homes and admits that he was convicted of soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution and then went on to apply his 5th amendment rights to not disclose more info.

Posobeic predicted that the trial will be short, in order to sweep everything away, and he predicted that Maxwell would be found guilty “to make her go away”.

He described some new photos that were entered into evidence including Maxwell as pregnant and photographed at a log cabin owned by the Queen of England.


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