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President Trump will Visit Alamo Texas on Tuesday and the Left Got Trolled Bad

President Donald Trump is expected to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border on Tuesday to highlight his administration’s work on the border wall, the White House said Saturday.

“Trump will travel to the town of Alamo, Texas. He will mark the completion of 400 miles of the border wall and his administration’s efforts to reform what the White House described as the nation’s broken immigration system,” the AP reported.

The left sprang into action to decry Trump going to the Alamo in San Antonio. However, his plans are to visiting Alamo, Texas, over 200 miles away.

Joy Reid, the princess of “Hate Trump” TV was too lazy to consult a map, and wrote out two scathing posts that very well might cause violent retribution against supporters of Trump, of Trump himself:

“It’s no coincidence that Trump is using the Alamo as a venue for his next putsch rally. The Alamo is where white nationalists chose Mexican Texas, which had abolished slavery, as their ground in a vicious campaign to steal land and codify slavery on it. The Trump insurrectionists are vowing to return to our Capitol on Inauguration Day. Know that the federal and state capitols are under serious threat. We now have a full-blown terrorist movement operating inside the United States in the name of the current president. #VanillaISIS.”

Patton Oswalt, a one time actor in Hollywood, posted, “100% Trump doesn’t know how the Alamo turned out,” while retweeting a poster by Jennifer Jacob, a senior White House correspondent for the far-left publication of failed presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg:

Steve Bannon was even part of the left’s fantasies of Trump at the historical Alamo, exposing the fact that the dynamic team of “Bannon and Trump” have free rent in the heads of the left.

Grant Stern, the Marxist Community Organizer for “Occupy Democrats” who makes money off young radical progressive Communists, posted about his obsession with Bannon:

Many of Trump’s most vicious opponents chimed in to mock the President without checking their information, including Mike Palmer, who has for 4 years posted insane nutty articles from his grassroots marketing platform, calling trump “stupid” when he was too lazy to read the article:

Far-left radical Seth Abramson, an attorney, and the professor didn’t think twice about being unprofessional and morphing the two places together in the mind of his reader, as most of his posts about Trump are complete fantasy veiled in a crumb of reality.

Don Wilson, an author, turned to Twitter to threaten the entire town of innocent Americans in his Jihad against Trump and posted, “Dear Alamo, Texas If you allow this domestic terrorist to come to your town after he just incited a riot that killed 5 people incl. a POLICE OFFICER ever joke about Texas is true. Donald Trump expected to travel to the US-Mexico border to laud work on a wall.”

MNBC and NBC reporter, Jacob Soboroff, posted lunacy and outright fake news in his dramatic rendition of a press release, reporting “Trump’s Tuesday trip to Alamo, TX isn’t to The Almo, rather the heart of Rio Grande Valley — what Katie Miller told me was “epicenter” of the separation policy at its height. His border wall victory lap there must be a reminder of what @P4HR called Trump’s “torture” of thousands.”

Wilson doubled dipped on his obsession with Trump and posted again:

“!! IMPORTANT !! Dear Networks (yes, Including @FoxNews) It will be a gross dereliction of your responsibility to cover Trump’s Alamo, Texas speech live. There is far too much danger for him to use that hollow ground as a launching point to incite a massive and violent event.”

A former State House Correspondent for the Baltimore sun posted this false information:

And Twitter allows numerous posts up, which could very well incite violence and fear:

Most were just lazy journalists, like Tim O’Brien, for The Wall Stree Journal and other leftist sites who don’t care about the garbage they put out:

“Trump’s planning to visit Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday because apparently he and his crack team of spinmeisters think it’s smart stagecraft to associate themselves with catastrophic, deadly and failed last stands,”

It proves the point that President Trump and his supporters are so good that the left media has to make up fantasies to discredit them.

The next four years are going to be a lot of fun. With Trump gone, how will these “journalists” cover the real news? They can only get jazzed about Joe Biden’s sock for so long.

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1 Comment

  1. Harry L Pfeffer

    January 11, 2021 at 9:14 pm


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