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Trump Won’t Participate in Second Debate After They Decide to go Viral, Watch Media Show Their Organized Bias

President Donald J. Trump announced that he would not be participating in the second Presidential Debate because the Debate Commission decided to take the debate viral, using the excuse that Trump had COVID.

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. It’s not what debating is all about,” Trump reportedly said on the Fox Business Channel. “It’s ridiculous.”

The event will be at a town hall-style meeting with Trump and Biden at a remote location and is still scheduled for Oct. 15 at Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, in Miami, Florida.

Many people online were reacting to the news that it was suspicious that the Debate Commission chose to go viral for the obvious issue that doing so allows Biden a great opportunity to get a lot of assistance from a teleprompter.

The Media was uick to report on Biden’s response, very early in the morning, showing their bias:

The announcement was timed to be made shortly before Trump was on TV with Maria Bartiromo, very early in the morning, hinting at a bit of collusion with the Democrat Party.

The announcement from the Commission on Presidential Debates cited a need “to protect the health and safety of all involved with the second presidential debate.” The candidates will “participate from separate remote locations” while the participants and moderator remain in Miami, it said.

Twitter had the topic trending immediately showing the importance of the topic to the left, and the media/Tech/ Democrat alliance.

The AP had a story out quickly, before Trump could say anything, showing their alliance with the left:

The Media will no doubt be breathless to discredit Trump over their set up, however, even the Presidential Commission says they are really irrelevant by admitting, “No presidential candidate is required to debate. Jimmy Carter refused to debate during the first debate in 1980. It is up to the individual candidate,” Commission on Presidential Debates Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf said.

The two debates in October, the first presidential and vice-presidential debates were not well received by the public, and Biden has had numerous blunders while speaking over the past few months, leading many people to wonder if the set up to push Trump off the debate is a tactic to help Biden.


“A glorified zoom call is not a debate & it’s an insufficient platform for electing the leader of the free world. America deserves 3 in person debates. If the Commission’s decision is really about concern over Trump’s positive Covid test, then why not just push the date back?” Andrew Suriban posted, in reaction to the news.

“The rule still applies.
If you’re winning, don’t debate.
If you’re losing, debate,” Rick Tyler said

Watch Jason Miller for furter reaction from the Trump team… this story is developing…

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