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President Trump Uses Pocket Veto For COVID Relief Bill Because of Too Much Pork Spending and Not Enough on American Workers

Before we get into this you should know the difference between a presidential veto and a pocket veto.

A presidential veto is when the president of the United States actively signs a veto that says he does not agree to the bill that has been presented to him for signature.  Congress has the ability to override a presidential veto but they need two-thirds of the house and two-thirds of the Senate to do it.   It’s very rare this gets done, but even more rare now that things in Congress are so divided with both major parties voting by straight party line.  You’re just not gonna get two-thirds of the Congress to agree on anything, let alone a veto on an outrageous spending bill where the president is demanding more money for American citizens than the Democrat allotted for illegal aliens.

A pocket veto can be used by a president, or anyone else with veto power, to veto a bill without actually vetoing the bill.  The normal routine is that the president has ten days to sign a bill to make it a law.  If the president does not sign the bill within the allotted ten days then the bill becomes law.  The pocket veto comes into play if Congress ends their session during the ten-day period.  When that happens a pocket veto takes place.  In that case, the president didn’t have to veto the bill, instead he just lets it slip away with time and the bill dies on the vine. And right now we are within that ten-day period thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer holding out on the coronavirus relief bill for as long as they did just to get all of their socialist welfare state wishlist goodies added to the bill.  This was a monumental fustercluck of Nancy Pelosi who will not accept the blame.

Saturday night, President Donald Trump did not sign the coronavirus relief and stimulus bill, and he began pushing for higher stimulus payments of $2,000 person or $4,000 per couple, instead of the $600 that Pelosi put into the bill.  The president, rightfully pointed out that the bill offers up to $1,800 to illegal aliens, who are here criminally, while offering only one-third of that to Americans.  Democrats ignore that reality and complain that Trump’s pocket veto means that millions of Americans would exhaust their unemployment benefits.  Well, what the hell does Nancy Pelosi think working families, who are shut down by Democrat governments across the country, are going to be able to do with a measly $600?  I remember when the feckless Speaker called thousand dollar bonuses employees got from their employers after the Trump tax cuts went into force “crumbs.”

If a thousand dollar bonus was crumbs, then I wonder why Pelosi put up only $600?  Because it was all pro forma.  The Democrats have always had a disdain for middle class working families, and they had to offer something so the nitwits came up with a $600 figure, betting that that amount would be met with gratitude.

Two unemployment programs were set to expire at midnight Sunday morning, as the Wall Street Journal cited:

The first provided unemployment benefits for gig and contract workers and others who don’t generally qualify for jobless aid. The second provided up to 13 weeks of additional payments to individuals who exhausted other programs that pay benefits, such as regular state unemployment benefits. In early December, roughly 14 million people were receiving benefits through those pandemic-relief programs, representing nearly three-quarters of those currently receiving jobless benefits.

The nearly 6,000 page mess of a bill that was sent to the president would also appropriate temporary funding for the federal government, which would allow government to remain open until 12:01 am Tuesday.  We reported when Trump read aloud many of the spending items in the bill, items that had nothing whatsoever to do with COVID relief and everything to do with pork.


Democrats tried to push the $2,000 stimulus proposal last week through the House by unanimous consent, after pushing the blame onto the Republicans who don’t control the House, and their efforts failed after the Republicans did not support it.  The GOP objected because they want some of the outrageous spending items removed.  Don’t forget, you all receiving your measly $600 stimulus check will be on the hook to pay back everyone else’s measly $600 stimulus check in the form of ever-increasing income taxes.

I think Congress has a lot of gall to force you the American taxpayer to pay for things that you never asked for.  Things like $25 million for a gender studies program in Pakistan, $1.3 billion for the Egyptian military, which Trump pointed out will be spent almost exclusively with the Russians, $40 million for the Kennedy Center, which isn’t even open for business, same with the Smithsonian that got a $1 billion stimulus and they’re not even open.

You should call your DC representatives and let them know that not only did you never ask for them to put you into this much debt for things you will never use, but that they never asked you if they could.

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