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President Trump Trolls 60 Mins. Like a Jedi with his Sidekick Kaleigh McEnany

The leftist media, showing once again that they are unable to adapt to President Donald J. Trump, is completely caught off guard by him again as they attempted to use their media platform to dominate him, and Trump once against proves to the American people that he is faster and smarter, and more creative then they are.

Trump has been on Social Media, trolling the 60 minutes team, for 2 days over their biased treatment of him, after having accepted an invitation to have an interview and even having opened the White House and made his staff available for Lesley Stahl of 60 mins, Trump ended up threatening to put out his own version of the events that unfolded between them all.

It started with Trump exposing that Stahl had been maskless at the White House. Trump pointed out on Tuesday, that Stahl had not been wearing a mask at any time while she was in the White House or around her staff or the White House staff, trigger a media war between CBS and Trump supporters.

The Daily Caller reported, “CBS News suggested that Trump’s video was out-of-context, announcing in an article about the upcoming interview that “Stahl wore a mask as she entered the White House and greeted the president.”

The dust up between them apparently was over Trump’s COVID 19 response.

Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany posted Wednesday that the media was once again colluding to misinform the public and spread disinformation about Trump:

On Tuesday the news went viral that Trump has walked out and cut the interview short after 45 minutes with Stahl, which immediately went viral as if Stahl had put out an emergency call to posters.

Trump, appearing to many to be reacting to the left smearing him posted on Twitter that he was thinking of releasing his own version of the interview.

The show was supposed to be aired on Sunday Oct. 25, with both teams, Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris.

Axios reported, “Context: Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were participating in a “60 Minutes” episode with host Lesley Stahl set to air on Sunday. Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris are expected to be featured in the same episode with CBS host Norah O’Donnell.

  • CNN and the New York Times reported on Tuesday that the interview was at times combative and that the president declined to participate in a “walk and talk” segment with Stahl and Pence after ending his sit-down.”

On Wednesday before one of his numerous campaign stops, Trump posted photos to social media which shows Stahl being hostile toward Trump, and even being surprised by the voluminous work of the Trump administration’s work in Healthcare, which was so heavy it caused Stahl to dip under the weight.

“Handing Lesley Stahl just a small part of what President @realDonaldTrump has done for healthcare in the United States. She couldn’t believe how HUGE it was and said, “I can hardly lift this,” McEnany said.

The Media said that Trump had been frustrated and upset by the 60 mins interviewing, insinuating that Stahl had gotten in some “gottacha” moments.

However, Eric Bolling posted that Trump had not been at all unsettled after the 60 minutes episode, as the leftist Democrat allies had been reporting:

This story is still developing..

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