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President Trump Told Putin He’d Bomb Moscow if Russia Invaded Ukraine

While Joe Biden was threatening to reimpose Trump’s sanctions against Russia, should they invade Ukraine, President Trump found a much better way that proved to be most effective. President Trump revealed a conversation he had with Vladimir Putin. Trump warned him that if Russia were to invade Ukraine, he would bomb Moscow. When Putin scoffed, Trump said:

“All of those beautiful turrets will be blown up.”

Trump reminds me of a woman I once knew that had a dog. One of her neighbors was deathly afraid of the pit bull. The woman then told the man that her dog’s bark was worse than his bite. Just then the dog took a good size chunk out of the man’s leg. He got angry and he told asked her, “I thought his bark was worse than his bite.” The woman calmly replied, “You haven’t heard his bark yet.”

Michael Goodwin at The New York Post reported:

There are other stories making the rounds, too, and they are even more provocative. One has it that Trump — noting that Putin seized land from Georgia when George W. Bush was president and seized the Crimean peninsula when Barack Obama was president — warned Putin against a land grab on his watch.

“If you move against Ukraine while I’m president,” Trump is said to have told the Russian leader, “I will hit Moscow.”

Putin reportedly scoffed, “No way,” leading Trump to say, “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.”

It’s just this simple, folks. When dealing with the enemy who do you want to represent you? John Wayne or Daffy Duck? ‘Nuff said?

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