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President Trump Commutes Sentence of Roger Stone

President Trump has undone the corrupt trial run by activist judge Amy Berman Jackson. The trial was a farce from the word go.

Stone’s team wanted the DNC and CrowdStrike to provide proof that the Russians had hacked the DNC since the charges against him were mostly tied to the hack.

Even when it came out later that the president of CrowdStrike had testified before Congress that his company had no proof that Russia hacked the DNC and in fact could not even say the DNC servers were hacked at all, did not sway the crooked judge.

And when it was discovered that the jury foreperson was a DNC activist and had tweeted negative opinions of Roger Stone and that a second jury member was a Democratic activist,m the judge refused to give Stone a new trial.

Then the judge’s biased against Stone was obvious and she should never be allowed to sit on the bench ever again.

Jackson was also the judge in the Paul Manafort trial and she revealed her obvious bias in that trial as well. She has become the go-to judge for the Democrats.

From The Hill

President Trump on Friday commuted the sentence of longtime confidant Roger Stone after the former campaign adviser was sentenced to serve three years and four months in prison.

The decision capped a saga that has roiled the Justice Department and divided some of the president’s advisers. Stone was set to report to prison on July 14, but his allies had lobbied for a pardon or a commutation, citing his risk of contracting coronavirus while in jail.

The move Friday did not come as a surprise, as Trump had at various points in recent months signaled he was leaning toward intervening in Stone’s case.

Stone is the latest high-profile individual with connections to Trump to receive executive clemency. The president earlier this year commuted the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) and pardoned former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik and financier Michael Milken.

Like many of the individuals Trump has pardoned or issued commutations for, Stone had a steady drumbeat of support among presidential allies and Fox news personalities who lobbied for clemency over the course of several months.


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