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Attacking Trump

President Trump Claims Voting Machines Deleted 2.7 Million Votes For Him. Dominion Voting, Rejected By Texas But Used In The Swing States

Dominion Voting, a Denver company that supplies voting machines across the United States pushed back Thursday against claims — “shared without evidence” — from President Donald Trump that millions of votes in his favor had been deleted.

The company has come under intense scrutiny following a software glitch which moved 6,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden in Antrim Country, Michigan.

President Trump lost the 2020 presidential election by tens of thousands of votes in key swing states like Pennsylvania which tipped the electoral college victory in favor of  Biden. The president, however, has refused to concede the race and has shared his claims that the election was instead stolen from him and demanding recounts before the states certify their results.

Thursday morning Trump said on Twitter that Dominion Voting deleted 2.7 million votes cast for him across the country and changed 221,000 votes cast in Pennsylvania for him to favor Biden.

The state of Texas was twice pitched by Dominion Voting but after their analysis found security concerns and that their units could be prone to making errors so rejected their proposals. In addition, if used would have to be modified preventing them from accessing the internet.

“I like the idea of using COTS components to save taxpayer money, and Dominion has done a good
job of finding COTS components and minimizing the number of custom components.

Nevertheless, I cannot recommend certification. Computer systems should be designed to
prevent or detect human error whenever possible and minimize the consequences of both
human mistakes and equipment failure. Instead, the Democracy Suite 5.5-A is fragile and error-prone.

In my opinion, it should not be certified for use in Texas.
If certification should be granted, it should be with the condition that all open network and USB
ports be sealed.”

In the end a majority of US states did decide to adopt their technology.

The question is, were Texas’ concerns warranted and came to fruition, or did Joe Biden win without any assistance from software glitches, leaving Antrim County, MI as an anomaly.

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