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President Trump Asks: “Where Do I Get My Reputation Back?” After Smear By Hillary

U.S. President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order to address the issue of missing and murdered Native Americans during a ceremony in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S. November 26, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Besides being the very best president, we’ve had in the past 100 years ago, he is also the most investigated. You can thank Hillary for that. She approved giving the  Trump/Alpha Bank to the press. She also paid for the now-debunked Steele Dossier, along with the DNC. These investigations cost the taxpayers more than $50 million dollars and took years to complete. I wonder how many politicians could survive such scrutiny.

Hillary’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook,  testified under oath that Hillary approved sending an unapproved message to the press just before the 2016 election. Obviously, this was intended to sway the election to Hillary by casting shade on Donald Trump. And, even though both the Alpha Bank story and the Steele dossier have been intensely investigated and debunked, people still think they found him guilty.

In the following video, Hillary accused Trump of being a puppet of Vladimir Putin:

President Trump shared on FOX News about this revelation and how his reputation was so terribly damaged by Hillary’s lies:

Former President Donald Trump reacted to the bombshell testimony out of the trial of Michael Sussmann that Hillary Clinton herself approved the dissemination of false information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank to the media.

Trump told Fox News Digital that the entire Russia investigation is “one of the greatest political scandals in history,” and that he will “never” get his “reputation fully back.”

Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook on Friday testified as part of the first criminal trial out of Special Counsel John Durham’s years-long investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, saying Clinton approved and “agreed” to share the discredited data with the media.

Fox News, which used to be the defender of the conservatives has moved to the dark side of the force. They will not allow Trump on their news programs and they have banned even the mere mention of 2000 Mules on any of their programs. I haven’t watched Fox for almost two years. It is a case where they were licking their competition, but they joined them anyway. It’s a shame.

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