President Joe Biden Remains Silent On the Wave of Anti-Semitic Attacks Against Jewish People In the United States

There is a disconcerting increase in anti-Semitic attacks across the US that is now jibing with an explosion of fighting going on between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists inside Gaza that began in early May.

While the American people tried to figure out some sort of balance between supporting the Israeli’s right to defend themselves and asking for a de-escalation of violence, the Biden White House has offered a strategy of “quiet, intensive diplomacy.”

On Thursday, Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary reminded reporters of the strategy and that the administration has held over eighty engagements “with senior leaders in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and across the region.” Wow, 80! #Sarcasm.

Though the Palestinian Authority is in control of some West Bank territories, the terrorist group Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, that piece of land that Israel gave back to the Arabs in 2005 as a sign of goodwill that the Israeli people wanted peace. See how well that worked out?

Biden continues to stress that he supports Israel, for now, and after repeatedly making that claim during the current Israeli retaliation for over 4,000 rockets being fired by Hamas terrorists into Israeli communities, after first testing the waters for supporting a ceasefire, the American president eventually pushed for one through phone calls with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Let me just say that if you support Hamas’s actions in any way, if you try to justify firing rockets at innocent civilians, no matter what your beef is with the Israeli government, you are a piece of garbage who supports a conglomerate of evil. Make no mistake about it, the members of Hamas are evil.

At the beginning of the Hamas Charter, it states:

“Israel will rise and will remain erect until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors.”

The Jews had temples built on their land 150 years before Islam was invented. Before Islam, Saudi Arabia was a Jewish Kingdom. Almost everything about the Palestinian argument of the Jewish state not having the right to exist is gobbledygook nonsense.

We reported that after the ceasefire Biden tried to steal credit for arranging the ceasefire when in reality it was brokered by Egypt. Democrats are incapable of shame for things like this. How can any leader try to take credit for another country’s work? Biden is no stranger to taking credit for other people’s work. That internal flaw cost him a shot at the presidency when he had to admit that he stole a story from Neil Kinnock, a leader of the British Labour Party, during a speech he gave in August 1987. He also admitted to plagiarizing someone else’s work in school and got away with it by saying that his stealing of someone else’s work was not “malevolent.”

While the Biden administration is trying to score political points on dealing with violence in the Middle East and supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, attacks against Jews in the United States, specifically California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and other Democrat-run cities across the country seem to be stemming from the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

For example, Jewish diners in California were attacked by a pro-Palestinian group, the incident now being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department as an anti-Semitic hate crime, according to the New York Times.

Another hate crime against Jews being investigated is when a pro-Palestinian group assaulted an older man, reports Fox News.

Joe Biden vowed during his 2020 campaign to “lead a comprehensive approach to battling anti-Semitism,” yet he has remained silent. Though press releases are going out from the White House concerning acts of violence in the Middle East and his phone calls with foreign leaders, oddly enough there are no statements of condemnation of attacks of violence against Jewish Americans in the United States. I’m fairly certain that the Biden White House is currently working on a way to blame Donald Trump and his white supremacist Qanon Trump supporters so that they can finally release a statement on it. #EyeRoll

But not to worry, because Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice has tweeted about the subject:

“During this Jewish American Heritage Month, I was proud to honor my friend Abe Foxman, who’s devoted his life to battling anti-Semitism & bigotry. The spike in anti-Semitic attacks around the world & here at home is despicable & must be roundly condemned and forcefully countered.”

And that’s all that matters in the world of progressivism. To the progressive, Rice’s tweet is doing more than the Israelis themselves to combat Hamas terrorism and the Israelis should be thankful for her efforts. She should win a Nobel prize.

And as if that’s not enough, my God, can you imagine she also tweeted about Biden signing the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act?

Just yesterday, @POTUS signed the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act into law, strengthening our ability to prevent and respond to hate crimes of all kinds, including hate crimes targeting Jewish Americans. We don’t tolerate hate in America.”

The Biden administration just gives and gives.


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