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Attacking Trump

President Donald Trump Addresses the Nation to Explain a National Emergency of Election Fraud [VIDEO]

Tuesday night, President Donald Trump gave an update on the events taking place for his fight against Democrat voter fraud in a statement from the White House.

“The truth is we won the election by a landslide. We won it big,” Trump said. “By midnight [on Election night] we had a commanding lead in the swing states… these numbers were impossible for Joe Biden to overcome and the Democrats knew it.”

The president took the time to break down the Democratic Party’s voter fraud in all key swing states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona.  Don’t forget that Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton, who Trump beat badly in 2016, in all other states outside of the key battleground states, and we’re to believe Biden outperformed Democrat rock star Barack Obama.  It’s nonsense.

Democrats’ political operatives pulled out every election fraud trick imaginable, including stuffing the ballot box, not employing proper signature verification on absentee ballots, Dominion voting machines deleted or switching votes from Trump to Joe Biden, blocking Republican observers from being in the vote-counting rooms or making them stand so far away that they couldn’t possibly see what was on the ballots, counterfeit ballots for Biden, moving Trump ballots into Biden trays, transporting hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots from one state to another, running the same ballots for Biden through the machines multiple times, deal people voting, illegal aliens voting and the list goes on and on.

President Trump assured the American people that he is still fighting for justice.

“We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand,” Trump said as he concluded his statement.

In his statement Tuesday night, the president explained why he’s resolute in pursuing every legal and Constitutional avenue to “stop the theft of the presidential election,” and he called on the American people to “raise their voices” to demand that this injustice be remedied.

“Americans must be able to have complete faith in the confidence of their elections. The fate of our democracy depends upon it,” he said in a video statement. “Now is the time for the American people to raise their voices and demand that this injustice be immediately corrected. Our elections must be fair, they must be honest, they must be transparent, and they must be 100 percent free of fraud.

“We won this election by a magnificent landslide, and the people of the United States know it. All over, they’re demonstrating, they’re angry, they’re fearful. We cannot allow a completely fraudulent election to stand.”

Trump said that one of his most solemn duties as president is to protect the integrity of Americans’ “sacred right to vote.”

He accused Democratic officials in key swing states of having used the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes the disease COVID-19, as a pretext to allegedly illegally violate state laws to “to enable, encourage, and facilitate fraud” on an unprecedented scale in the country.

Trump has previously alleged that there was widespread voting irregularity and fraud across the nation, however this is the first time he has made a lengthy address about the election urging Americans to be vocal about the situation.

It comes after he recently called for his supporters to join a planned protest in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021. “Be there, will be wild!” the president wrote. Jan. 6 is when members of Congress are set to convene in a joint session to count electoral votes.Pro-President Donald Trump protesters rally against the results of the presidential election outside the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Ga., on Nov. 18, 2020. (Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters have held multiple protests across the nation since the election, calling for a free and fair election and for leaders to take action.

Democrat Joe Biden has declared victory in the election. Trump and other Republicans are contesting election results in courts in key states. The Epoch Times is not calling the race at this time.


Trump spent most if his time during the White House address explaining why he believes there was widespread fraud as he repeatedly asserted that he won the election.  He doesn’t really have to say this, because everyone, including those who won’t say it out loud, knows that MAGA won the 2020 election big league.

“The truth is we won the election by a landslide. We won it big,” Trump said. “Today I’m going to give you the facts that every American needs to know.”

On the night of Nov. 3, swing states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Pennsylvania saw a lead for Trump.  But then the vote counting was stopped by Democrat operatives who told Republican poll observers that they would resume counting in the morning.  However, in all the key battleground states they did not stop counting.  They continued throughout the night, and while no one was around from the GOP to watch them, that’s when they brought in the fraud.  They brought in fraudulent ballots, they ran the same ballots through the machines multiple times, and in some places they utilized the Dominion software to delete Trump votes or switch them from Trump to Biden.  This was truly an evil act by Democrats and the Left.

The one question they cannot answer is how could Biden’s tally come out ahead by the wee hours of the morning when they supposedly stopped counting the night before?

“These gigantically ridiculous one-sided spikes were miraculously just enough to push Joe Biden into the lead in all of the key swing states. These glaring anomalies are just the tip of the iceberg,” he said.

The president also mentioned he won Florida, Iowa, and Ohio “by historic margins,” and how he won 18 of the 19 “bellwether counties” that for four decades have correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election.

“This means Biden would be the first candidate since 1960 and only the second candidate in American history to win the White House while losing all three of those major states, and it wasn’t even close,” Trump said.

Trump noted that his campaign won about 75 million votes, or 12 million votes more when compared to the 2016 election, and that this was the largest vote increase ever witnessed for an incumbent president.  Despite this, opponent Joe Biden “somehow received 11.7 million more votes than Barack Obama, and he beat Barack Obama all over the country,” Trump said.  It just didn’t happen.  We know, and they know it, and they know that we know it, but they have the entire country rigged with state Executive branch and Judicial branch operatives working for them.  It’s disgusting.

“It is historically, mathematically, politically, and logically impossible. It did not happen. He did not win. We won by a landslide.” he said.

Trump pointed out that Arizona state senators have issued a subpoena for a forensic audit of the Dominion voting machines.  The Democrats will probably ignore it, or they have already deleted all the evidence.  The senators warned that all other states that used Dominion should demand similar audits.

“As I have just laid out, we have unveiled overwhelming evidence of election fraud. None of this should ever have been allowed in the United States of America. It is a travesty of democracy, it’s a shame upon our republic,” Trump said.

The president accused the Democratic Party, their boot-licking sycophants in the news media, and the censoring tech giants of “openly colluding” to defraud and deceive the country.  Prior to the election the social media companies censored any stories that showed negatively on Joe Biden and his crime family to deceive the American people, yet they allowed blatant lies about Trump to continue to be posted.  We have never in our history seen such censorship of free speech.

“Our country no longer has a free press. It is a press of suppression. It is a press where the truth will never come out. It is the greatest and most shocking scandal involving a presidential candidate in modern history,” Trump said, later adding, “The media and the Democrat Party lied to the American people to try to steal the election.”

“If this egregious fraud is not fully investigated and addressed, the 2020 election will forever be regarded as illegitimate and the most corrupt election in the history of our country,” Trump said.

Godspeed, Mr. President.  We are praying for your victory in this uphill battle against the darkness and evil of the Democratic Party and the Left.

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