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Pray for what’s going down on Wednesday

When I first heard rumblings about the vote on Wednesday, I didn’t think much of it. I knew it was an important vote that could seriously decide the future of America, but I didn’t realize just how crazy D.C. is going to be on Wednesday.

Thousands upon thousands of conservatives are heading to D.C. on Wednesday to pray, stand guard, and be a presence for the conservative movement. For more than that, actually. They’re going to stand up for honesty and truth, the very foundation of America.

If we just allow ourselves to be complacent and take the election results without a fight, we have lost our American pride. Just because we don’t burn down buildings and destroy property like liberals and Democrats, doesn’t mean that we are going to do nothing about the fraud. 

The plans in place for Wednesday prove that.

From what I’ve heard, the attendees on Wednesday aren’t planning on causing trouble, but will defend themselves should Antifa and Black Lives Matter show up. I’ve heard that the doors will be blocked once the politicians are inside and they won’t be opened until the right decision is made. There are various rumors and stories about what’s going to happen and they’re all pretty exciting.

Regardless of what happens or is planned, however, pray.

The fate of America shouldn’t have to come to a gunfight in D.C., but that may be what happens. I’m almost positive that Antifa and Black Lives Matter will show up tomorrow. We all know that they won’t be peacefully protesting, but instead lighting buildings on fire and attacking good and honest people. Those good and honest people will fight back.

Start praying now that the politicians and leaders making decisions will put their fear and cowardice aside and stand for what’s right. Pray that terrorist and extremist groups will stay home and leave our people alone. Pray that there will be peace and safety in place of fear and violence. 

There is nothing in this world more powerful than prayer. If God’s people will all pray fervently for the state of this country and the decisions made tomorrow, the impact could be astronomical. Nothing can stand in the way of the power of God and no one can defeat a child of God that knows their value and the power they hold as a believer.

Whether the rumors abounding about tomorrow are true or not, there is no denying that Wednesday is going to be historic and potentially game-changing. Whenever good stands up to evil, there will always be pushback. 

The fight is not over, and tomorrow could turn the tide of the war. Pray hard, America.

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