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PragerU Releases Videos Showcasing Stories of People Who Left Liberalism

PragerU published videos this week showcasing the stories of four individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life recounting the moments that led them to abandon the ideologies of modern-day liberalism.

The videos, titled collectively as “Stories of Us”, features the testimonies of Brandon Straka, Gina Florio, Brandon Tatum, and Amir Odom – all individuals who come from different walks of life and have different stories. What unites them all is a journey in which the leftist narratives they were believing were confronted and challenged, resulting in each of them making radical shifts in their political viewpoints.

Following is a brief synopsis of each story. I highly encourage viewing each of the videos on PragerU’s website by clicking here.

Brandon Straka
“I stopped feeling burdened by this feeling of resentment toward heterosexual people, toward conservative people.”

In 2015, Brandon was recovering from alcoholism and a cocaine addition by attending AA meetings. He says that his entire political ideology as a Democrat had been wrapped up in his sexuality as a gay man. But during an AA meeting, his peers each took a turn apologizing to him for society’s treatment of the LGBTQ community. In that moment, he said that he was freed from all resentment toward heterosexual and conservative people.

A year later, ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Brandon intended to vote for Hillary Clinton until a friend challenged him on the media’s narrative of who Trump was. While the media repeatedly claimed that during one campaign rally, Trump had mocked a disabled reporter, Brandon recounts doing his own research and finding videos of Trump using the same voice and motions for years in other contexts.

“It became very clear that this had nothing to do with the reporter’s disability,” he said. “My brain was saying, ‘Oh my god, I don’t think he mocked that reporter’s disability.’ But my heart was saying, ‘Yeah, but we hate him, but we hate him, but we hate him.'”

His suspicion raised, Brandon went on his own search for political truth and has since walked away from the Democrat party.

In 2018, Brandon founded the WalkAway campaign, a grassroots movement that provides support and a platform for those who are on their own journey of political evolution away from the Democrat party.

You can watch Brandon’s story by clicking here.

Gina Florio
“Little by little the modern feminist in me was just sort of dying.”

Gina grew up in a Christian household that instilled in her the greatness of America. By the time she graduated Harvard with her Master of Theological Studies, however, Gina’s entire perspective on the nation and the world had changed.

“I came out of Harvard not only as an atheist, but I was angry. I hated America,” she said.

She moved to Australia and spent time “soul searching”, partying, and doing drugs. Through a series of events that included a medical emergency, she returned to the States. She worked as a freelance writer, assigned very leftist, feminist topics.

Her husband at the time began challenging her views on feminism and racism, and he asked her to watch a video of Candace Owens on The Rubin Report.

“I just remember watching this girl and thinking to myself, ‘I am being lied to by the media. There’s something wrong here.'”

Gina did her research, which led to the slow death of the modern feminist within her. “And I started to realize that women are completely dominating America,” she said. “We get more college degrees, I learned that the gender wage gap is a complete myth…”

“I just hope, and I pray that all of the pain and the suffering and the turmoil and the chaos and the inner struggle that I dealt with as a woman in my twenties – I hope my story can really inspire young women to take the narrow path and not be seduced by the lifestyle that I think is pushed today in mainstream media.”

Gina now works as a trainer and health coach, as well as alongside Candace Owens.

You can watch Gina’s story by clicking here.

Brandon Tatum
“Have integrity, you work hard, and never let anybody stop you, and you will be successful.”

Brandon grew up in Texas with the understanding that the Democrats were for black people and Republicans were racist white people. In 2010, he was passed over by the Oakland Raiders during the NFL draft, and his athletic dreams fell apart before his eyes.

Soon thereafter, trying to figure out his next steps in life, he went for a ride-along with a police officer and witnessed officers save a boy who had been in the middle of committing suicide. He decided in that moment that law enforcement was his calling.

Brandon served as a police officer for over six years, during which time his fellow officers challenged him on whether his beliefs actually lined up with his political allegiance to the Democrat party. But it was when he began to see the public turn on law enforcement during the Obama administration that he began to change his political viewpoints.

“I physically saw the reaction of the community from the things that (Obama) was saying. People began to attack us, especially African-American people.”

Brandon left the Democrat party and has since co-founded Blexit with Candace Owens in 2018 to encourage other African-Americans to do the same. He encourages people to take responsibility for their lives, to work hard, and to embrace America as the greatest country with the greatest opportunity on earth.

You can watch Brandon’s story by clicking here.

Amir Odom
“I no longer saw myself as a victim.”

Amir described a painful childhood, in which he was constantly trying to fit in to a certain social mold. He identifies as gay, but dated girls to portray himself otherwise. His peers told him he was acting “white” if he listened to rock music or read books. He described being told from everyone around him that his life would be harder because of white oppression.

After a night in which he contemplated suicide, Amir made a pact with himself to try to make each day better than the one before.

In college, he went on a date, which unexpectedly turned into a debate on Black Lives Matter. Provoked by the facts his date presented to him, Amir began watching Stephen Crowder, PragerU, Candace Owens, and a slew of other YouTube personalities.

“Black people are not dying as much as the media say they are,” Amir said. “And the amount of weight that was lifted off of my shoulders, I’ll never forget that moment because, I no longer saw myself as a victim.”

He described coming out as a conservative as being more difficult than when he came out as gay.

“In the left’s eyes…I’m not just conservative, I’m racist. How? I don’t know. I’m homophobi. How? I don’t know.”

Amir blames the Black Lives Matter movement for instilling fear in black youth. “I was there. I was in the streets marching. I was in the streets crying. I was in the streets hurt. I am begging Black Lives Matter to stop using black people like me to push a political game.”

Amir now uses social media to challenge people’s political perspectives and to champion people toward their goals and dreams.

You can watch Amir’s story by clicking here.

Prager University is a non-profit organization confronting political and social ideas online through YouTube videos and other social media campaigns. They boast 4 million views per day and have featured big names such as Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, and they currently host shows with Dennis Prager, Candace Owens, and Will Witt.

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