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VIDEO: Powerful RNC Message, Hope for Prisoners Founder Gets Full Pardon

President Donald J. Trump first talked about Jon Ponder’s “Hope for Prisoners” at the National Day of prayer, and then for the second time, Tuesday night, at the Republican National Convention.

Ponder gave his Christian testimony and then was joined by the FBI agent who arrested him, who has become his best friend, because Ponder totally turned his life around after receiving a prison sentence for Bank Robbery and built a program for rehabilitating other offenders.


Ponder describes his journey to build Hope for Prisoners.

After Ponder served his time, he started a charitable foundation called Hope for Prisoners and involved President Trump, who attended the first graduation of 29 participating from Ponder’s programs. “He shook everyone’s hand, and that gave them a start on their new life,” Ponder said of Trump.

“Jon’s story is a powerful story or redemption,” Trump said as he talked about Ponder’s program. Ponder’s program is a mentor program matching law enforcement professionals with men and women who are released from prison.

Trump spoke of Ponder’s story, talking about how he had heard a sermon, by Rev. Billy Graham, remembering it was “Jesus wants to be Lord of your life” and then introduce the special agent who Ponder has become best friends with, Richard Beasly.

Beasly spoke about the importance of how Trump supported law enforcement, and then Trump called Ponder’s wife up and announced that he as going to sign the paperwork to give Ponder a full pardon.


We are very proud of the work you have done,” Trump said to Ponder.

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