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Powell Told Greg Kelly Trump Got at Least 80 Million Votes

Sidney Powell, a former prosecutor, was on the Greg Kelly show and said that the reason the news coming out is so slow is that people are afraid for their lives because what is about to show us is going to impact trillions of dollars of world wide wealth and power.

Powell talked about the Executive Order that was violated about foreign interference in United States elections, and the impact of world wide usage of the same Voting System Machines and software that changed our 2020 Presidential election.

She told Kelly that she has video proof that the founder of the Dominion Systems had designed the programs to switch votes.

Powell told Kelly:

The race in Michigan could not have been more rigged, and it affects the race of John James, and we know that the Dominion system was designed to throw races. I have the affidavit of a military member who saw the development of the software. So don’t tell me that there is no proof of fraud. The software was designed to be hacked,” Powell told Greg Kelly.

“It had a backdoor that could be manipulated by anyone who had access. We are still learning about that. I explained that it was so Chavez would never lose to the public, and then they exported it to Argentina and other countries and then brought it here. So it is a foreign company no matter how you look at it. So they have already violated their PResident’s order of no foreign interference in our elections. Our votes were actually counted in Barcelona, Spain, or Frankfurt, Germany on foreign servers; it is stunning. The effort that is being mounted on getting the truth out, but you have to realize that every tech company and every media company, every social media company, and scads of globalist corporations have been doing business in countries where dictators have been installed with this rigged election system for decades the corruption is actually worldwide. It is going to upset countless numbers of elections across this country and around the world. But we need to do that to get rid of the corruption,” Powell said.

“I am still in the process of collecting information from witnesses who are still coming forward every day that are fed up with the corruption. We are intaking information. The company’s founder admits that he can change the votes by up to a Million; I just haven’t had time to get that out to the public yet. He admits it. He admits it publically, I will tweet out the video later, and I will tag you in it,” she said.

“There is no way that these programs could have been running and not have the CIA knowing about them. We have ScoreCard witch is essentially the CIA. Every country has done something like this to do what it wants to do supposedly; it is all part of the same part and parcel of government interference in our elections around the people’s will.

The will of the people was for Trump to win in a landslide. And if we can get to the bottom of it, and I am determined to do that, I think we will find that he had at least 80 million votes. The only reason the glitches happen in the system was that he had so many more votes, and they calculated in advance their algorithms could not perform the functions that they originally preformed, they couldn’t make up the vote count he had gotten so many hundreds of thousands of more votes than they planned. That is when they had to stop the counting and come up with a way to backfill votes or destroy votes for Trump while they created votes for Biden,” she said.


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