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Powell Posts Video of Live Hack: Woman Cries Watching, “We are Pretending to Be a Different Country than We Are!”

Sidney Powell, an attorney working on numerous lawsuits to combat voter fraud, posted a video on Twitter on Friday that shows a compelling story by a facilitator on potentially how Optical scanners that read voter’s ballots could improperly tabulate false numbers in an election.

The video is produced by a group called Hacking Democracy, and it appears that the clip Powell posted is from a 2014 documentary called “Hacking Democracy“.

“Let me tell you what we are going to do today. We have constructed a mini election and but Percy, you have acted as a technical advisor on how to do this, so I am going to ask you to step outside,” he said as they went into another room.

” Let me introduce you to my election staff. To ensure that we have not prepared some sort of a device that has been pre-rigged, pick a number, and then we will grab that unit, and then that will be the device that we will use to count the ballots,” he said, holding a small clear container that contained small sheets of paper.

“I feel like this is the one,” the woman said as she reached in and got a piece of paper with a number on it.

“Ok and the unit is number 15191,” he said reading the paper.

The video pans to a shelf of small machines as another man repeats, “machine 15191”, as he removes a small machine off the shelf.

They place the mall machine on a table and group gathers around.

“What we have here is a small optical scanned ballot, and there is only one question on this ballot Can the votes on the Diebold ballot be hacked using the memory card? “the facilitator asks.

The camera goes back to the technician, Percy, who was removed. “I have only touched the memory card once and nothing else in the election system that is going to be used today, and only once,” he said.

The team of “election workers” are divided up with ballots, 2 voting “yes” on the ballot to the question about Diebold machines, and 6 voting “no”.

After the group is done filling out their ballots, the facilitator walks through the process of what elections workers would do with the machines and says that they would turn the machine on, making it “live to receive votes.”

He says that it will “produce a zero total tape and goes through a self-analysis and then will spontaneously turn on” upon turning in the machine. Video shows machine tallying up and producing a receipt, which the facilitator takes and says, “This is Harry’s cards that say that there are zero votes stored in the memory.”

The facilitator gets the fake ballots his group filled out for the demonstration and says, “Lets count our ballots”.

“A yes ballot,” he says, placing it in the machine. “Another no, and seven and eight no,” he said. Then he places a blue card in to be counted and says that it will cause the machine to print out a tape reading the number of votes that it had just read.

Audible is nervous laughter from the group. The facilitator says, “Oh my.” The women in the group say, “oh my god!” another says, “What is it?”. “It says 7 yes, and 1 no!”.

“oh my gosh!” a woman says.

“Here is the tape” the facilator said.

“We put through 6 no and 2 yes,” the women said together.

“How do we know that he didn’t just change the report, and the votes themselves on the memory card are still correct? If that were the case, when they go into it, the results would be different. Right?” A woman in the group asks.

“The only way to know that is to read the into the jams, and to check the vote totals,” a man in the election worker group says.

“I want to check for my own analysis. Is this just a superficial number? Did we just change the words on the paper?” the facilitator asks.

He then takes the machine to a man sitting at a computer and says,” we will now upload this memory card.”

A man at the computer uploads the memory card that shows 1 no, and 7 yes votes.

“If I had not seen what was behind this, I would have no reason not to; I would have certified this election as a true and accurate result of a vote,” the facilitator said.

A woman from the group starts to cry,” this makes me cry. I am sorry, but it does. There are so many reasons. The reason is that there are people out there who are giving their lives to try to make our elections secure, and they are being called conspiracy theorists and technophobes. These vendors are lying and saying that everything is alright, and it is not alright. And I am crying because my heart is on someone I know who said that our country is a country that is pretending to be another country. How can this be happening in our elections? This really does affect me,” she said.

“I don’t know how to describe what I saw here. I think we, as elected officials, need to be a little more demanding from the vendor about the process, and the vendors are driving the process of voting technology in the United States. I would much rather, at this point, I think, focus on allowing citizens to select technology that satisfies their needs.


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