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Potential Voter Fraud Anyone? Shipments Of Nearly 20,000 Fake Driver’s Licenses Seized At Chicago Airport In 2020!

Can you say fraud? VOTER FRAUD in record numbers in the November 3rd elections?

Insane is all I can say when it comes to the foreign invasion taking place around our country.

Over our border, through our transportation systems and from offshore, these illegal aliens (invaders) bring crime, drugs, human trafficking, and are even meddling with all aspects of our countries institutions with fake state driver’s licenses.

Customs authorities have intercepted more than 1,000 individual shipments containing almost 20,000 fraudulent driver’s licenses at Chicago O’Hare Airport this year alone.

19,888 fake US driver’s licenses have been caught in smuggling busts at the airport, distributed throughout 1,513 fraudulent shipments.

Fox 5 New York is reporting that the fake ID’s are coming from mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the UK.

These counterfeit driver’s licenses can lead to disastrous consequences,” Customs and Border Patrol’s Ralph Piccirilli said in a statement. “Criminal organizations use these counterfeit IDs to avoid attracting attention to their illegal activities.

Customs officials have described the fake Chinese ID’s as extremely realistic and well-made, stating that the barcode on the fake documents passes electronic verification checks.

With multiple international airports in the USA, it is highly probable that tens of thousands of more fake IDs and documents are being smuggled into the country through them also.

It’s unknown, at this time, what these ID’s are being used for considering most of the bars and “gentlemen’s” clubs that underage college kids would visit to drink alcohol at are closed.

A more concerning prospect is these Chinese-made fake ID’s could be an integral part of an election fraud operation.

Even the most strict voter ID states such as Arizona accept a driver’s license as proof of voter registration and eligibility.

Customs officers stationed at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport are reporting that they’ve busted more than 2,000 fake ID’s since 2019, describing a surge in the smuggling of fake driver’s licenses.

In April, CBP said that customs officers at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport were seeing an increase in shipments of fake documents. Officers inspecting international shipments had found about 2,000 fake IDs in the prior year and a half.

Dallas Area Port Director Timothy Lemaux pointed out that fake IDs also pose a risk to the buyer regardless of your intentions because you’re giving out your personal information to criminals overseas.

China hates President Trump, globalists hate President Trump and American’s with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) hate President Trump.

Fake ID’s have been around for decades, made by local criminals, but the timing for these IDs coming out of China at the same time Democrats are demanding no ID required universal mail-in voting, should send up red flags everywhere.

If the progressives are successful, the mail-in ballot system might produce millions of illegally cast votes for Democratic candidates on November 3rd, 2020!

If proven, do we end up with the Supreme Court having to pick the winner of multiple local, state, and even the Presidential election?

Just remember how 2000 went, Al Gore was only a few hanging chads from victory, could Sleepy Joe get it via higher amounts of fraud this time?

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