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Portland “Snack Van” Protester Accused of “Predatory Behavior” By Fellow Protesters

An Antifa activist known in Portland for driving around in a graffiti-covered van, handing out supplies to protesters, was accused in September by other protesters of “predatory behavior”.

27-year-old Jeremy “JeVa” Edwin Vajko hails from Seattle. A former Microsoft engineer, Vajko now travels in the “Snack Van”, distributing food, water, and medical supplies to protesters since the beginning weeks of protests.

Much of Vajko’s activity has been centered in Portland, where he currently resides, but he has also traveled to Kenosha and Washington, D.C. to take part in protests.

In September, Vajko was called out on social media by fellow “comrades” for predatory behavior. This behavior included pressuring individuals into sexual scenarios, harassment, threats to harm himself, and what protesters identify as “bi-phobia in the form of fetization”.

“Please exercise caution and watch out for your comrades,” reads a banner that circulated on social media to warn others of Vajko.

The Twitter user above who goes by “Proud Bulba” stated in the thread that “We deal with abusers without cops”.

Comments were left on these threads confirming the accusations without details of the incidents.

Portland journalist Andy Ngo reports in The Post Millennial that Vajko has been arrested multiple times on charges of interfering with a peace officer, disorderly conduct, and for reckless driving in D.C. when he charged his van into a crowd of a hundred people.

All charges against him have been dropped.

Vajko has attempted to defend himself against the social media accusations.

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