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Portland Removes Gender Pronouns From City Charter In Effort To Be More “Inclusive”

The City Auditor will replace all masculine and feminine pronouns with gender neutral words.

The City of Portland will be purging its founding documents of all gender-specific pronouns so as to be more “inclusive.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was recently re-elected, announced via Twitter that the city would be removing feminine and masculine terms from its City Charter in an effort to “make our documents more inclusive of all gender identities.”

According to the ordinance, “the deletion of masculine and feminine terms from the Charter” was approved by the Council and the City Attorney and will be effected by the City Auditor.

“His” and “her”, “he” and “she”, “himself” and “herself”, and “him” will all be cut from the charter and substituted by gender neutral words.

According to The Oregonian, there are over five dozen gender pronouns that will need to be re-worked in the document.

Reference to “police women” or “police matrons” will also be struck from the document.

“The intent is to be more inclusive in our language,” said Amanda Lamb, chief deputy with the City Auditor’s office. “The charter doesn’t need a gendered signifier when referring to a person.”

The City Auditor carries the authority to make these changes without a vote from citizens.

Portland is not the first city (or state) to begin changing its documents or enacting policies to be more inclusive of sexual orientations and gender identities that break the historical mold of male/female.

The Daily Signal writes:

“Both Philadelphia and Tulsa, Oklahoma, nixed gendered language from their city charters this year, according to Fox News. In 2017, Oregon became the first state in the nation to allow residents to select a third sex option, X, on driver’s licenses as opposed to the typical M or F, representing male or female, Fox reported.”

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