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Portland Antifa Intercepted in Attempt to Burn Down Apartment Building on Eve of Election

Police intercepted the attempts of Antifa rioters in Portland from burning down an entire living complex on Portland State University’s campus on Monday night, the evening before Election Day.

The Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo released the story on Tuesday morning. He has been an active reporter on Antifa activity in the Northwest.

On Monday evening, somewhere around 100 Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists gathered in downtown Portland for a “direct action” event. Protests have been nearly unceasing in Seattle and Portland since the killing of George Floyd in May, but organized events circulating through social media this week have been in direct response to the election.

The crowd on Monday evening targeted buildings on Portland State University’s campus, smashing the windows of an on-campus Starbucks and the PSU Public Safety Office.

“F*** corporations. F*** your windows, you pieces of sh**!” one rioter yelled after the Starbucks windows were shattered.

Rioters then poured flammable liquid onto the floors of the cafe, which is located on the ground floor of a building housing students and families.

Police responding to the riots intercepted the activities in the cafe before anything could progress into a far more dangerous situation.

The police made two arrests: 22-year-old Kai-Ave James Douvia and 25-year-old Connor Austin. Douvia has been charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief, felony second-degree burglary, and second-degree disorderly conduct. He was previously arrested at a protest in June.

Douvia was released without bail.

Austin has been charged with interfering with a peace officer.

He has also been released without bail.

From these two alone, the police recovered a tire iron, dumbbell, body armor, gas masks, and an umbrella.

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