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Populist GA Democrat, Vernon Jones, Pleads with Voters to Vote Republican

Vernon Jones, a Democrat Representative in Georgia who has been publically supporting President Donald J. Trump since the Spring, has been attacked for his support of Republicans. Undeterred, in mid-December,  Jones wrote an Op-Ed for Town Hall pleading with voters to support Republicans in the upcoming US Senate runoff in Georgia.

In August, Jones was attacked when leaving the White House:

In mid-December, he wrote:

I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I cannot stand by a party that is increasingly controlled by the radical-left and supports policies such as the defunding of police and tax hikes on working families. That’s why I supported President Donald Trump, and that’s why I’m supporting Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the January 5th Georgia runoff elections.

And let’s make one thing unequivocally clear—Georgians who are concerned about the integrity of the election process must come out in support of the Republican senators. We can both defend our election system and investigate fraud while also coming out in support of candidates who will continue to fight for free, fair, and transparent elections. That’s why I’ve asked Stacey Abrams, who talks a big game when it comes to defending election integrity, to join me in calling for a full investigation of the Georgia November 2020 Election.

As President Donald Trump continues to pursue his legal options in the aftermath of an election filled with claims of fraud and other irregularities, many mainstream media continue to accuse him of denying reality and refuse to cover the very real problems that have arisen.

There is indeed an aura of unreality surrounding the post-election landscape, but it’s coming from the permanent Washington political class, not the president. After assuring us repeatedly that the president would suffer a landslide loss, the biased coastal elites were once again exposed as Trump garnered nearly 10 million more votes this year than in 2016.

But Donald Trump’s massive overperformance in the election isn’t the only thing the media is denying. They are deliberately blocking any real coverage of the massive voting irregularities that, in fact, took place, especially on and after Election Day.

Please Visit Town Hall for the entire article.

No candidate in either of Georgia’s Senate races won a majority of the vote on Nov. 3, triggering a runoff for both seats, with the top two candidates in each race facing off. Control of the Senate now hinges on the outcome of these two races.

Jones has signaled that he is ready to run for higher office in Georgia, told the Epoch Times that he is considering a run for Georgia Secretary of State.

From the Epoch Times:

“Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat who is a supporter of President Donald Trump, indicated recently that he might be open to running for election in 2022 to be the state’s secretary of state.

“A lot of people have been urging me to run for Georgia’s Secretary of State,” Jones wrote on Twitter on Dec. 23.

“The people of Georgia deserve to have faith in the integrity of our elections again. It might just be time to help #DrainTheSwamp right here at home.”

Jones, a lifelong Democrat, delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention on Aug. 24, in support of Trump’s reelection.

He believes there was a fraud during the general election in November.

“There are too many affidavits, there are too many people who have felt like their rights have been infringed upon, their voting rights,” Jones told The Epoch Times during a rally in Washington on Dec. 12.

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