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Polls Show Trump is Victorious over the Media, 83% of Americans See Bias

According to a Rasmussen, President Donald J. Trump has been hugely victorious over the American Enemy Media, who continues to push propaganda against the American people, and the President of the United States, his administration, and the will of the American people in many cases.

The battle against the established order of radicalizing Americans through the media has been waged for decades, with notable contributions in the 1990s from people like pollster Pat Caddell and Democrat author Jeffrey Goldberg, who both wrote about and talked about the obvious leftward bias of the American media giants and their activist reporters, in his book Bias.


Monday, Rasmussen Reports, posted a recent report that shows that under Trump the American people have reached hed a heavy tipping point on how much the American people give credibility to the American Enemy Media, reporting that 83% of people clearly do not trust the Enemy Media if they see the bias.

The post was based on a report from the Knight Foundation. Link to the report is in the tweet.

The report was published No. 2, 2020, after the US Presidential Election. Reporting by the Enemy Media on the election results has sunk the interest in and the trust in the Enemy Media even further and taken down FOX News for their faulty reporting, really cementing their status with the American people in revolt against them on election night.

According to the report:

“Americans’ views on the media have been negative for quite some time. Americans perceive much bias in the news
media and suspect it intentionally pushes a particular perspective. With a highly fragmented news ecosystem, the
public faces real challenges sorting out what is “real” from “fake news.”

Much of how Americans view the news media is a reflection and result of our divided and partisan society.
Feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by the sheer volume and speed of news, Americans — and in particular,
conservatives — are more likely to turn to one or two sources. The increasingly polarized news media landscape
further entrenches America’s political divide — a particularly pernicious challenge in a presidential election year
with dramatic implications for the lives of Americans.

There are also troubling indicators when examining age as a differentiator of Americans’ views. Younger Americans
harbor less favorable attitudes toward the media that transcend partisanship. These negative perceptions are
likely a function of their increased sense of bias in the news. Young adults pay less attention to the news, including local,
national and international issues, resulting in lower knowledge regarding global to local public affairs.
While younger Americans may have a healthy skepticism toward news given the modern media environment, these
patterns are nonetheless an arguably disquieting harbinger of Americans’ future civic and political engagement.

However, the future is not hopeless. Americans of all ages and political affiliations continue to see the media as
playing a critical role in upholding a healthy and vibrant democracy. And even as Americans believe the media is to
blame for the political divide in the country, they largely see a role for the media in healing that divide. As America
now faces a catastrophic and deepening health and financial crisis and crescendo cries for racial justice that test
our social cohesion, finding shared, fact-based narratives in the media will be more important than ever.”

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