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POLL WATCHERS: As PA Grows in Importance for Both Parties, Poll Watcher for Trump Report problems, Goes Viral-VIDEO

A story is going viral of a poll watcher for President Donald J. Trump, who has official documentation that he is legally allowed to watch the voting areas in the highly important state of Pennsylvania, has been denied entry.

The Trump campaign has been quietly amassing a large number of legal observers and poll waters for months.

TopTradeguru reported:

The job of a poll watcher is to supervise the people processing and counting the ballots. It’s pointless if you can’t see what they are doing with the ballots and if they are counting them correctly. I’ve been poll watcher many times, and this is joke. Democracy=transparency.

Reports are we have to overcome a 5% deficit in PA because of fraud. Get out and vote. Bring people to vote. Just get to work. 5,4,3,2,1… do what you already know you have to do to help Trump win!

The video of the poll watcher symbolizes so much to the supporter of Trump’s because to those voters, this is the power that the Democrats have been withholding from them, the power of elections, and the story is getting a lot of attention.

On this viral video is a man who is presenting his legal documentation to be inside, and being denied entry.

The Trump campaign has numerous trained and legally official poll watchers around the country who are reporting on social media about violations that often go overlooked, or which the Republican party often allows to happen, which Trump is not being passive on, and that could be a game-changer.

Reports were coming in from around the country of the media making false reports, one Trump supporter reported:

Poll watchers are getting turned away in Pennsylvania and voting locations have illegal Biden campaign signs all over them. It’s 8am here in Nevada and I’m already calling this whole election bullsh*t and illegitimate,” Mindy Robinson wrote.

“MORE Bad things happening in Philly. Dem election officials have avoided transparency & accountability at every step. NOW they’re keeping our poll watchers so far from the counting tables there’s NO WAY to ACTUALLY observe. What are they hiding?? THIS MUST STOP!!!,” Mike Roman posted.

These stories are developing..

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