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POLL: Disney’s Positive Rating Plummets From 77% Down to Only 33% Learning the Lesson ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’

Disney has taken a beating since the entertainment giant came out and said they were going to interfere in Floridian politics to support overturning a bill the Left lied about that they falsely labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Disney sided with people who want LGBTQ+ the little caret symbol and the Tilda thingy that sometimes goes over some Spanish letters teachers to groom little children into the lifestyle. That’s all the bill was about, protecting young children by not allowing teachers to sexualize little kids in the classroom.

Disney thought it held a captive audience after decades of creating family friendly content, but the company learned quickly that people realize that the company that founder Walt Disney created is no longer a family friendly company.

Disney’s favorability rating has sunk to a measly 33 percent in recent weeks, and it is directly caused by the woke media corporation publicly coming out against the Florida bill. Disney initially did not say a word about the bill, and why would they? The bill had nothing to do with Disney. But Disney injected itself into it and that, we hope they now realize, was a big mistake. The executives of the company were intimidated by LGBTQ+ activists threatening boycotts or worse and they caved.

I think Chlamydia has a higher positive rating. Even Joe Biden is at 38 percent.

According to a new NBC News poll conducted by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies from the May 5 through the May 10, asking a total of 1,000 adults a series of questions in relation to politics, some political figures, and Disney, only 15 percent of those surveyed said their current opinion of Disney is “very positive,” with another 18 percent saying them hold a “somewhat positive” view of the company. I bet those are people who are either unfamiliar with the company going woke or they themselves are woke because I can not imagine people being all that thrilled with the company knowing their executives got caught saying they were going to push as much LGBTQ+ content into future projects as possible. If they want to become a media company for LGBTQ+ people only, that’s fine, but there are not enough of them in the world to keep the lights on.

The poll revealed 30 percent said their opinion is now either “very” or “somewhat negative” of Disney while 37 percent say they are either “neutral” or “not sure.”

These numbers reflect a sharp decline in public opinion, over a short period of time, of the children’s entertainment company. Compare the current 33 percent rating to 77 percent in early March. That’s more than a 50 percent drop in less than two months. Back in March, only 21 percent of those polled said they held a negative view of Disney. Worse yet, 36 percent of respondents said they heard news reports of recent events about Disney and it made them have less favorable views about the company. In other words, they did this to themselves.

It’s just another case of a corporation finding out that when they shove woke politics down the throats of their consumers, the people will have a say in the matter. And that usually translates into lower revenues for the company. In short, Disney learned go woke, go broke.

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