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“Politically Correct” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Is Sinking In Senate Primary Polls After Losing President Trump’s Endorsement

Snake in the grass Senate candidate mark Brnovich is paying the price for failing to do his job as AG in the state of Arizona. He was given proof of election fraud BEFORE and after the 2020 election, but he failed to act on any of that proof. As a result, President Trump announced that he would not be endorsing Brnovich, which is quickly becoming the political death of many candidates this year.

Brnovich had maintained a healthy lead for the Republican nomination up until that point. Brnovich led by 14 points, but in the latest poll, he is now running second. President Trump’s endorsement has been golden this year, lifting up JD Vance in Ohio, where was running third to an easy victory in Tuesday’s primary election. The good news is that Brnovich’s career in politics has come to an end and that corruption has put an exclamation point on it.

President Trump later said:

“Because of the amount of time that it took him to do the report, which was endless, his poll numbers have been rapidly sinking.”

“What a shame for the Great State of Arizona. The good news is Arizona has some very good people running for election to the U.S. Senate. I will be making an Endorsement in the not too distant future!”

Politico reported,

Mark Brnovich has fallen out of first place in the state’s Republican Senate primary, a slide that corresponds with aggressive advertising spending by his opponents — and Donald Trump’s ire.

For nearly a year, Brnovich held a steady lead in the primary to take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, a key race as the GOP seeks to take back the Senate majority.

From The Gateway Pundit

The results massively favor U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters, who is not afraid to talk about Arizona’s stolen 2020 Presidential Election. 

Masters: We need to get serious about election integrity. The 2020 election was a rotten mess— if we had had a free and fair election, President Trump would be sitting in the Oval Office today and America would be so much better off.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Blake Masters challenged Brnovich to a debate on election integrity and his record as the Arizona Attorney General on the 2020 election, but Mark Brnovich refused to show up. President Trump actually dialed into the event to thank Blake Masters and attendees for being there.

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