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Political Intimidation- The Mark Of A True Democracy, Watch Biden’s Press Secretary Admit It

Watch the press exchange.

The United States of America is a great experience in people’s government, one that is under severe attack by people who want a Centralized Democracy with a monarchy.  Thre is a lot of wealth and power in our country, and instead of it being in the hands of the people of the Republic, some RINOS and Democrats want that power to be in the hands of mobs.

Mobs like the ones following around Brett Kavanagh, trying to intimidate him and his family.

Remember at the Convention in 1787, Ben Franklin was asked what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer: “A republicif you can keep it.” That is where we are now.  Our very Republic is on the line- and Democrats keep calling our system of government a Democracy.  Do you know what a Democracy relies on for messaging?  Mobs.

People Reported recently on recent mob activity:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to leave Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington, D.C. through the back door after protesters arrived to confront him.

On Wednesday, an organizing group called Shutdown DC posted to Twitter that it had received a tip that Kavanaugh was out to dinner in the city and encouraged people to message them in order to receive the location and confront the justice. About one hour later, the group posted again and said they were told Kavanaugh “snuck out the back with his security detail.”

Listen carefully to this exchange between reporter Peter Doocy and Joe Biden’s press secretary talking about what they think is political intimidation of a US Supreme Court Justice.

[embedded content]

Doocy: Do Justices deserve privacy when they’re out to eat like Brett Kavanaugh who had to sneak out of a steak house recently?

we have been pretty clear on this. The president has been very clear that we condemn any intimidation of judges in this in this

Jean-Pierre: We have condemned that we have signed. He assigned a piece of legislation, making sure that they have the protection that they need. And so, we don’t go to their houses. So as long as they’re peaceful, would you say don’t go to a restaurant that is Supreme Court Justice. Is at what I’m saying is we condemn any intimidation when it comes to judges we have been the president has talked about this and we have put out statements in his name and make money. Times protesters know that Justice is out to eat at a restaurant. Well it proved that they can go and protest as long as they are. What you consider peaceful. That’s okay. Well we have said that we want to see peaceful protest. That’s what we have said. We want to see the pizza protest be peaceful, but when it comes to intimidation, that is something that we have condemned. These protesters can go to adjust. This is house and they can go to a restaurant. Where is it? That you don’t think it’s appropriate for a group of

“You asked me about intimidation? We condemn intimidation. We condemn any violence and we’ve been very clear that is. It is a clear. It is clear what the definition of what violence is. What intimidation is peaceful protest. People should be allowed to do that in a restaurant. If it’s outside of a restaurant if it’s peaceful for sure. Really peaceful protest.

This is what a democracy is.
People have their rights. Of course, people have a right to privacy but people also have a right to be able to protest peacefully. It’s the intimidation and the violence that we condemn.

Doocy: When there are people even if they’re being peaceful at the time, they’re angry and that’s why they would be there, right?

Jean-Pierre: Peter we have condemned any intimidation and violence I said peaceful protest should be allowed. We do  condemn intimidation and we condemn, any violence at any whatever, every time, whatever type of violence, we’ve been very clear on that. We’ve been in the president has signed legislation. That was passed by part in a bipartisan way in Congress to make sure that the judges have the protection that they need. This Administration has provided US, Marshals through the DOJ to make sure that Judges are protected. So we have shown how we want to make sure that intimidation and violence is not the way to go. It is not the way to have a political discourse. I’m done here. Peter.

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