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Police Release Graphic Video of Man Shot at Headquarters After He Broke Out of Handcuffs

Another sad story as police officers, after getting shot at, had to shoot a deranged human being. Our communities in the past would rejoice that the protectors in Blue did not die and evaluate why someone would fight to get access to a gun, in a police car, and then think they could shoot their way to freedom. Unfortunately, some now are only concerned about the race of everyone involved, and regardless of the facts, would riot and demand justice if the criminal shot was of African descent.

Here is another example of what happens when the police have to handle a life and death situation.

From The Blaze

According to a video obtained from the San Diego Police Department, “A 911 call came in from a downtown hotel about a man causing a disturbance. He had been pepper-sprayed and held down by hotel security for threatening to stab hotel staff.” “San Diego Police responded and took the 25-year-old man into custody without incident,” authorities added.

According to KFMB-TV, the suspect was identified as Keith Bergman.

Bergman was reportedly able to maneuver out of his handcuffs and smash through plexiglass.

“While sitting in the back of a patrol car in the sally port, he slipped one hand free from his handcuffs,” authorities added. “He then broke through a plexiglass barrier, reached into the rear area of the car, and grabbed a backpack that contained an officer’s backup handgun.”

Security footage of the incident shows one of the San Diego Police officers hearing a commotion in the backseat of the vehicle, noticing that the suspect was free and had pulled out a handgun. “[Officers] draw their service weapons and attempt to persuade him to drop the gun with no success,” “[Officers] draw their service weapons and attempt to persuade him to drop the gun with no success

“After several minutes, the man reaches through the broken glass and opens the rear door,” police explained. “He exits with the backpack and the handgun tucked in his waist. He tries and fails to open the rear hatch.” Bergman then reportedly attempts to open one of the front doors, but an officer fires three rounds and prevents him from doing so.

A K-9 officer was then deployed, and the suspect was once again taken into custody without further incident. He was transported to a local medical facility for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Can you imagine being in this situation? You did everything right, expect next time put the handcuffs on a little tighter, and before you know it, a maniac has broken through a barrier in the car, grabbed you backpack, shoots a bullet at you. Your job is to get control of the situation again, subdue the suspect, without killing him if possible. I don’t know about you but this is not for me. I am very grateful Americans agree to become officers of the peace, and hopefully our culture wakes up soon and realizes what the actual consequences would be without them in our streets.




  1. Jinnee

    July 10, 2020 at 8:56 am

    Why wasn’t the man searched before putting him in the patrol car?

  2. Jinnee

    July 10, 2020 at 9:00 am

    I see where it says they searched his pockets. How in the hell can they miss a gun?

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