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Two On-Duty Police Officers Shot In St. Louis, One In Critical Condition!

Just a few short nights ago at the Republican National Convention, we heard from Ann Dorn, the widow of retired St. Louis Police Chief David Dorn.

She spoke with great eloquence and emotion about what a great man her husband was, and how sorely he will be missed. Her words painted a clear picture of how his death is a great loss to all who knew him.



St. Louis continues to be a city whose police are under constant threat of a deadly attack. Two officers were ambushed Saturday evening, August 29th while responding to a call. One was shot in the head, and a second officer was shot in the leg while rushing to render assistance.

The shooting, followed by a subsequent standoff between police and the suspect, reportedly started just before 6:00 p.m. Saturday. The action took place in the 3700 block of Hartford Street in the South Grand neighborhood, south of Tower Grove Park. St. Louis’ Police Chief John Hayden reported that the officers were en route to check on a shooting call in the neighborhood.

Chief Hayden said that one of the officers was hit in the head, and as might be expected, went down immediately. Other officers rushed in to help the wounded officer. It was then that the suspect shot a second officer in the leg.

The officers were in the process of searching for a victim when the suspect opened fire. The officer who was struck in the head is currently listed in “very critical” condition, again according to Chief Hayden.

When speaking to reporters outside the St. Louis University Hospital, Chief Hayden said:

“Our officers have been going through a lot this summer, as you know. We’ve had a surge in violence. These officers, all they’re trying to do is their job and try to help a person who’s wounded and they come under fire themselves. The officer who’s most critically injured, pray for him.

He also said that eight officers have been shot in the line of duty since early June. Both officers involved in the shooting were approximately 29 years of age. One has about 3-1/2 years of experience on the force. Hayden said the second officer has about one year of experience. The suspect barricaded himself in a house and forced the homeowners to leave.

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson expressed her sympathy and concern as well:

By now it’s no secret that the MSM and the “leaders” of the Democrat party are in league with one another. The bullhorns of protesters and the talking heads continuously demonstrate their complicity with the Left as they continue to push a narrative of police misconduct; police brutality; police need more and better training but funding should be cut; ad nauseum. (Do I dare use the words “leadership” and Democrat in the same sentence?)

It’s absolutely and unequivocally wrong what’s happening to the police. Are there some bad apples? Of course. They’re human and subject to a margin of error just like any of us. Lumping them all together and collectively condemning them as bad or dirty cops is no more right than saying every priest is a pedophile when there are more like thousands of them that are dedicated to their mission of helping people.

The rioters (excuse me, the “peaceful protesters”) all across the country have become increasingly disrespectful of police authority. How tragic is it that firefighters and other first responders now need to be equipped with bulletproof vests? I think it’s utterly ridiculous! Those who have dedicated their lives to the safety of others should never have to feel as if it’s necessary to take such drastic self-protective measures while on duty.

In response to @Joe Gamaldi, the mainstream media may not be talking about police officer shootings, but we here at are strongly supportive of the Thin Blue Line. I believe I can say with great certainty that many members of our group here pray for the safety of our first responders. We firmly believe that we NEED police security, and will continue to voice our support on their behalf.

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1 Comment

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    August 30, 2020 at 8:26 am

    he is prejudice and his wife also

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