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Police Kill Woman Resembling George Floyd’s Death…Where Are the Riots?

Another person was slain by law enforcement, but where is the indignation that we experienced during the Summer of Love back in 2020 when George Floyd was killed?

There are no protests taking place. There is not a single major news outlet that is covering this subject in the mainstream media. There have been no riots thus far. To tell you the truth, if I hadn’t taken the time to convey this to you, there’s a good chance you would have never even heard about this event.

Help! They’re going to kill me! Help me!” and “Don’t kill me! Megan Joyce Mohn uttered her final words, “I don’t want to die!” as law enforcement officials piled on top of her to suffocate her in a manner that was strikingly reminiscent to how they had killed George Floyd.

The manner of her death has been determined to have been a homicide. Therefore, if the police officers are to be held accountable, why aren’t they? Especially considering that it was back in January that this took place.

Is this not a major issue to be concerned about? First of all, why am I just finding out about this now, seven months after it happened, and why am I the one who has to spread the news of this event rather than the mainstream media?

Is it because she’s a white woman instead of a black man? Seriously though, can someone explain why these are treated differently?

So, what was her crime? Well, apparently, they didn’t give them her name and under Nazi Germany laws, that’s a felony worthy of an immediate death penalty.

According to police, on the day they held her face down and knelt on her back until she stopped breathing, Mohn had been walking around in the street holding a piece of rebar.

When officers approached her, they demanded she drop the rebar and she complied immediately. Police then told her to sit down and Mohn is seen on her knees as cops demand she give them her name and ID.

“Help! Help me!” Mohn screams as police threaten her with jail for not identifying herself.

Clearly in a delusional state, Mohn asks the officers to use their cellphones to call the police.

“We are the police,” an officer answers.

“Yeah, but I wanna hear them confirm that,” she says before screaming, “Help! They’re gonna kill me!”

She continues to predict the officers were going to kill her and then asks for water.

“If you tell me your name, maybe,” an officer responds.

“Oh, that’s just exploitation,” the woman says in the footage.

“Well, you want water, I want your name,” the officer can be heard saying in the footage.

The conversation continues to get stranger.

“I sound like all of those stupid people on TV, don’t I?” she says to the officers.

“You sound pretty ridiculous,” an officer responds in the footage.

At this point, the officers — instead of calling an ambulance for the obviously sick woman — begin mocking her and laughing.

“Say no to drugs, you’d have less problems,” one officer says in the footage.

“Okay first of all, alcohol is a great drug,” the woman responds.

“It is, look where you’re at,” the officer replies with a laugh.

In my opinion, the woman was mentally unstable. Maybe she was on some sort of drugs or maybe she just had some mental issues. Either way, she wasn’t all right in the head in that moment. But police can’t even recognize that anymore. They’re mostly on power trips.

Here is the video, but let me warn you that it may be difficult to watch.

Washington Standard

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