Investigators say the woman, who is black, sprayed multiple people, all of whom are white, in several unprovoked attacks near subway stations in Harlem and the Upper West Side on Friday.


In New York, a transgender suspect was arrested for pepper spraying white people. One lady, that was attacked said the first thing the black lady asked her was, “Are you white?” Then she sprayed her with pepper spray in her face.

Another victim said this,

“It lights up your whole face on fire,” Joshua Smith, who was sprayed on his way home from a doctors appointment, said. “Your sinuses, your throat feels like it’s closing up. It’s rough.”

Hate crimes like this are on the rise across the country. This suspect pulled a knife on a witness that tried to intervene. Later witnesses helped the police arrest a 37-year-old transgender named Thomas Herd.

Investigators are now looking into whether Herd is the same person wanted in a string of suspected hate crimes in Manhattan. Multiple people, all of whom are white, were sprayed with an unknown chemical substance near subway stations in Harlem and the Upper West Side around noon on Friday.

Police say the first incident happened on the downtown platform of the 2 and 3 trains at the 125th Street and Lenox Avenue station. The suspect allegedly sprayed five people while walking westbound on 125th Street towards St. Nicholas Avenue, according to police.

Around an hour later, the same person allegedly sprayed a 30-year-old woman while waiting on the subway platform at the 96th Street and Broadway station.

It is reported that 11 white people were attacked over the weekend.

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Source: Police Arrest Transgender Woman In Bronx Pepper Spray Attack, Links To More Hate Crimes Being Investigated