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Police: 12 Arrested, 1 Officer Hurt During Riot in Denver

Rioting took place again in Denver as armed rioters took to the streets, damaging buildings and setting fire to a police station.

In the process, they injured a police officer who has a concussion and third degree burns. He is expected to fully recover.

Twelve rioters were arrested.

Murphy Robinson, executive director of public safety said:

“I want to be clear, what we experienced last night was not a protest. It was anarchy. The people that showed up last night — the anarchists that showed up last night — brought weapons to the table. They had guns, they brought explosives, axes, machetes and had one intent purpose and that was to harm our officers that were there to serve in the line of duty to protect our city.”

Robinson says he is lifting the limit on prisoners so the rioters cannot be released without posting bail. He also plans to look at state and federal laws to see what they can be charged with to get them the longest sentences possible.

You don’t hear as much about Denver as you do Portland and Seattle but the radicals there are also trying to get the police department closed down.

The funny thing is that by their actions they prove why it is imperative that we have a police force. Where would these cities be without them. If you really think social workers can replace the police, you should know one thing. Drugs kill, man.

My biggest fear is that November will turn out to be a train wreck with Democrats controlling both houses of congress and the Oval Office.

They will kill the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court and destroy the entire country with their radical policies. That includes amnesty for 22 million illegals and an open border policy that would give Stephen King nightmares.

From The Star-Tribune

“The narrative that these anarchists are marching for justice of Black lives is frankly false,” said Robinson, who is Black. “The public needs to know that you do not represent us. Stop using the color of my skin as an excuse to tear up my city.”

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