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Point of Data: Joe Biden Needs States to Win Who Would Be Destroyed by “Green New Deal”

One of the most shocking moments to come out of last week’s campaign news blitz was something that Joe Biden said himself, in public, that he would end fossil fuel. 

The left calls that “transitioning”, but no doubt people in states where it matters won’t like being “transitioned” out of their jobs: 

Even left- leading Forbes reported on the issue and wrote about the problematic gaffe by Biden:

In the closing moments of the final 2020 presidential debate on October 22, Joe Biden made one of the most newsworthy and perhaps vote-moving statements of the campaign when he announced that his goal is the eventual elimination of the American oil industry. 

“By the way, I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden clarified for the 63 million viewers who tuned in for the debate. When moderator Kristen Welker asked Biden why he would do that, he responded it’s because “the oil industry pollutes, significantly.” 

Some in the media attempted to downplay Biden’s comment, but such dismissals were belied by the numerous Democratic congressional candidates who were quick to distance themselves from Biden’s remarks. Representative Xochitl Torres Small (D), who is running for reelection in New Mexico’s second congressional district, sent out a tweet after the debate to announce that she disagrees with Joe Biden’s position on fossil fuels.” 

Even Democrats had to run away from Biden at that point. 

Democrat candidate for US Congress in New Mexico hit back at Biden over his comments. 

Experts say that a ban on fracking would kill 6 million jobs across seven states by 2025—600,000 Pennsylvanians would join the welfare rolls, and the blue-collar renaissance would disappear with them.

Even though the Democrats love the idea of forcing people on Welfare, the epic battle between Democrats and Republicans is how many Americans actually love the idea. 

Reports are Fossil fuels are also a key contributor to GDP and job creation in other battleground states. A PricewaterhouseCoopers report released in 2017 found the oil and gas industry contributes $1.3 trillion to the U.S economy and supports 10.3 million jobs nationwide. That report was commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute and is based on 2015 data. More than 322,000 of those jobs are located in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, which amounts to 4.3% of the commonwealth’s entire workforce.

The Green New Deal, the author by the former bartender and first term far-left radical AOC, is the Democrats solution to their nemesis, fossil fuel, which many people believe is just an end-run around the system to force socialism on Americans.

Other states that would be affected are Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Georgia.

Most Americans do not enjoy the idea of being subjugated and do not want to live off of handouts by the elite government. 

At some point, Democrats may learn to read that one point of data. 

Until then, Joe Biden may have ended his campaign at that Presidential debate. Goodnight Joe!

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