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PIRRO INTERVIEW: Attorney Lin Wood is on the War Path Against Alleged Corruption, “Trouble’s coming AOC’s way too, Stay tuned”

Attorney Lin Wood has been vocal about his pursuit of justice for what he feels is extreme corruption at a the government level and that he feels stole an election from President Donald J. Trump, and he claims that the Government has been hiding the truth about elections for many years. From an explosive interview with Pirro on Friday Pirro, who took a call about the German servers, said: “Every time the president asked someone to do something, it ends up in the newspaper and they say the president is, you know, illegally requesting that people on his staff do things they shouldn’t do. Christopher Wray, I don’t have any faith in that guy. I didn’t like the guy from the first time he testified at a hearing, saying, yeah, he’d tried to get the records that the Congressional Oversight Committee had a right to — had a right to demand. He said he tried to get it to them. He still hasn’t gotten it to them. So, you know, that swamp is deep, deep, deep. And Gohmert, by the way, is from Texas. But, yeah, those machines were seized. We don’t know who took the machines. It’s like Lin Wood was on my show, my Justice show on Fox. And he said that as we were speaking, they were carting out from behind the, I believe, the voting area, all kinds of boxes. And they were shredding. I mean, it is amazing what is going on in this country. And I think that if the president has a plan, I’m sure he’s all over it and that they’re you know, he’s going to survive based upon his sheer willingness, his perseverance, his determination. He is fighting. This president is not giving up, and neither are we. But your question is, is the $64,000 dollar question. You know, when I was DA and I wanted something, I got a search warrant and I went and got it. I sent my guys and they got it. They didn’t dare come back without it.” “The Governor, the Lt Governor, and the Secretary of State in Georgia are corrupt by Chinese Money,” Wood said. “I’ve met with Sidney Powell….I’ve seen the evidence with respect to the Dominion machines and the software they used and how they ran it through Barcelona in Spain where they manipulated the votes. They’ve done this in prior elections. This time they got caught,” he said. “Trust the President of the United States. He knows what he’s doing. I guarantee you the real vote was an overwhelming landslide for Donald Trump. The servers were seized in Frankfurt a few days ago, from a company called Scytl. Those servers show the real vote. Trump won this election with 410 Electoral votes,” Wood said. Wood has continued on the same line of thinking in other interviews, like with John Fredericks: Wood recently posted a brazen claim that he has proof of criminal activity in Georgia: Georgia is on his mind: In the interview with Jeanine Pirro Wood added US Rep. Ilhan Omar to his list. He is encouraged by Americans: “I was listening to Lin Wood give an interview and he said that they found irregularitie from the 2016 election and the 2018 election Congress house was stolen. We all suspect that cause who would be dumb enough to vote in Omar, AOC and Tahlib?” FULL INTERVIEW WITH PIRRO:
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