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Philadelphia Liberals Delusional, Respond To Fetterman’s Failing Health

I don’t know why Fox News seems hellbent on finding these suckers but here they are—Philadelphia’s finest liberal admitting that they plan to vote for Fetterman despite his dead-end policies and failing health. These are, so sure, the same people who pledged to vote for Biden no matter how diminished he is.

“He might not be healthy mentally, but he seems healthy,” Devon, from Philadelphia, said.

“Look at Joe Biden. He’s an older guy,” he continued. “You know he has his health problems, and he’s still able to run the country.”

But Kevin, living in Philadelphia, said he’s concerned about Fetterman’s health and lack of campaign engagement.

“You can’t run for office telling people you’re okay if you’re not okay,” Kevin said. “If something shows up he should be providing some kind of documentation that he has a clean bill of health.”

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May and underwent surgery on May 17 – the day Pennsylvania voters elected him as the Democratic candidate for Senate. He has since moved his entire campaign online and has yet to accept challenges from Dr. Oz to a live debate.

“I have no issues with his health all because I still think he’s able to do his job,” Betty, from Philadelphia, said. She said speech issues are expected after a stroke and mentioned Biden stammers in his speeches.

“We’ve had older people who’ve had other serious health concerns that have certainly been ones to be concerned about, but they’re doing just fine,” Loreal said.

“It looks like he’s recovering,” Will, from Pennsylvania, said. “I’m gonna trust what he’s telling us.”

“Even if it’s gonna take him a little bit of time while he’s in the senate to get it all the way back he’s by far the best option,” he said.


In the 2020 presidential election, Philadelphia, a strongly left-leaning city, was crucial to Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania. Yet Fetterman statewide only leads Oz, 52% to 47%, in the Pennsylvania Senate race, according to the latest CBS News poll.

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