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People Fleeing Democrat States Is Becoming a Problem For Democrats and a Windfall For Republican States

New York, a once great city with tons of opportunity, now sees New Yorkers fleeing the state to get away from totalitarian governance that is making their lives miserable..

US Census Bureau data that was released last week, New York lost a larger percentage of its population to people running away than any other state, with up to 1.5 percent deciding to throw in the towel in search of a better life.

Twenty states lost significant population to other states from the period between July 2020 and July 2021, with most of them run by Democrats. The top three losers on the list are California with over 367,000 people leaving, New York with 352,000, and Illinois with 122,460 residents looking for greener pastures, all of them totally dominated by the Democratic Party.

The shift in populations was so bad that some Democrat states lost representation in Congress while some Republican states gained.

And apparently, all of these hundreds of thousands of people who are escaping Democrats’ jurisdictions are heading to states that are run by Republicans. Domestic migration has added significant populations to Florida with 220,890, Texas gaining 170,307, and Arizona netting 93,026, All three states have Republican governors who do not treat their citizens like prisoners with no rights.

It is not a new phenomenon to see people fleeing Democratic-run states for states being governed by Republicans, but apparently the COVID-19 pandemic saw the numbers of people fleeing Democrat states accelerate. That’s because the Democrats lost their minds being drunk with power. They did lockdowns and mandates that were not following the science while at the same time Democrat leaders were caught violating their own COVID mitigations policies.

And it’s not just the draconian COVID mandates. Democrats have been very soft on crime for quite some time now, but the Summer of Love BLM nightly riots of 2020 revealed Democrat leaders in cities and states across the country making it easier for criminals to commit crimes, causing havoc and mayhem, knowing they would not face any jail time. We saw Democrat vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris lending support for a company that took in donations to help bail out rioters, looters, and arsonists so that they could get right back out on the streets again to continue committing crimes.

Murder rates in many Democrat cities have skyrocketed after politicians thought defunding the police was a great idea. The innocent people who live in those cities are now suffering greatly because of it.

Democrats destroy every economy they are in charge of, be it a city, state, or as with President Joe Biden, the nation. They implement progressive policies that breed poverty, crime, and hopelessness in many of America’s inner cities. Democrat policies are anticapitalist, anti-business, and anti-people. They destroy cities as we have witnessed time and time again. Ever since COVID, Democrat leaders bankrupted thousands of businesses by shutting them down, creating regulations that are way over the top, and now pushing for businesses to implement vaccine mandates for their employees if they have over 100 workers. Republicans, for the most part, did not continue to impose lockdowns and mask mandates and other mitigations on their people once COVID was understood. Because of that, 17 of the top 20 states with the highest percentage of job growth since the vaccines were introduced are states led by Republicans.

Democrats suck at education. Their top priority is getting reelected, and their second top priority is taking care of teachers’ unions at the expense of children’s education. They locked down schools and forced students to do virtual learning because that’s what the unions wanted. The Democrats ignored studies that showed virtual learning was harming kids. Then, when they returned to the classrooms, they imposed mask mandates on kids even though studies show that kids are the least likely to get COVID and die from it. It’s virtually zero percent. The Democrats also ignored studies that show children wearing masks for eight hours a day psychologically harm them as well.

Democrats in DC have been trying to pass bills that would allow the federal government to force the same loser policies that destroy Democrat cities in Republicans states and cities. If they are able to succeed in doing that, then where will the thousands of Americans seeking shelter from being abused by the Democrats be able to go?

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